Complete RDH magazine's salary survey online

Aug. 4, 2006
Participate in the magazine's annual survey by clicking on the link inside.

The annual RDH magazine salary and benefits survey can be completed by RDH eVillage subscribers at RDH Salary Survey.

The results of the national survey are printed annually in the magazine's January issue.

Thank you for participating! If you choose to complete the survey now while reading RDH eVillage, please ignore the print version of the survey that appears in the August issue of RDH magazine. We're trying to avoid having readers complete the survey twice. When the online survey is completed, a message should appear stating that you have completed the survey.

This article and link was also published in the August 4th issue of RDH eVillage. If you completed the survey then, you will not be allowed to complete it a second time (since PennWell is seeking just one answer from each reader).