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Thursday Troubleshooter: Should dental hygienist take pay cut to move to office manager?

July 25, 2019
This dental hygienist has been offered a new position, but it comes with a price. After 23 years with the practice, she feels she's more valuable.

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QUESTION: I have worked as a dental hygienist in a practice for 23 years. I have been asked to be the office manager because the current manager is retiring. My problem is that they want to cut my salary! I think I deserve to stay at the same rate. I’ve been in dentistry for nearly 40 years. Do you have any ideas? We are a small office with one dentist, two hygienists, one assistant, two receptionists, and an office manager. Thank you for your help.

ANSWER FROM AMBER AUGER, RDH, owner of Millennial Mentor:
I agree with you completely; your salary should not be cut if you take this position. You have been a trusted resource in the practice for more than two decades! As a dental hygienist, you understand how to explain each procedure in the practice, and you are extremely informed so that you can answer any questions patients may have.

The office manager role will require you to learn insurance, master coding, collect payments, manage the entire team, and balance a profit and loss report. Learning these new skills is an exciting opportunity for you. A change in leadership is a delicate place in every practice and having a trusted provider as the face of the office is priceless.

I would advise you not to take the position if you must take a pay cut.         


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