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Equipment Product News

Sept. 1, 2003

Sirona to introduce new handpiece line

Sirona Dental Systems announces the launch of its complete line of electric and air-driven handpieces to the U.S. market. The launch began in June with air-driven handpieces. Electric instruments will be released this fall.

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Sirona first introduced the electric micromotor more than 45 years ago, and is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-speed and electric handpieces. The launch will include a broad selection of high-quality instruments, including the T2 and T3 high-speed handpieces, the innovative T1 CLASSIC, T1 LINE, and the T2 REVO, with patented SmartClip® technology. The T1 CLASSIC is Sirona's top-of-the-line all-titanium instrument designed to ensure comfort and minimize fatigue — even with extended use. With its removable SmartClip, the T2 REVO gives the dentist the ability to repair clogged water lines and damaged fiber optics — chairside — in less than a minute.

The Sirona handpiece line will carry the industry's best warranty, starting at two years. An extended warranty of three or five years is available. For more information, call (800) 659-5977 or visit

Bipolar forceps for bleeding control

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Macan Engineering and Manufacturing Company has introduced a series of bi-polar forceps that, in seconds, can turn your electrosurgery unit into a bipolar coagulator to achieve precise coagulation in a wet or bloody field. Specify either straight or curved, and smooth or serrated. The smooth forceps taper to a fine point while the serrated forceps have more blunted tips. The bipolar forceps has one cord that splits into two end-plugs. One connects to the handpiece port and the other to the dispersive plate port. The cord and forceps assembly is autoclaveable.

For further information, call (866) 622-2611 or your dental dealer.

DetecTar — first of its kind

Ultradent Products, Inc., announces the release of DetecTar — the "first of its kind," subgingival, automated calculus-detection system. Incorporating advanced technology developed by NEKS of Canada, the DetecTar will advance the detection and prevention of periodontal disease with the most accurate calculus-detection system available.

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DetecTar relies on the specific signature of subgingival calculus. An optical fiber senses light reflected by calculus and converts it to an electrical signal to be analyzed. With visual and auditory signals, both clinician and patient are made aware of the presence of calculus.

The accuracy rate exceeds 91 percent above tactile methods of detecting calculus, even in the presence of blood or saliva. Demarcations on the probe give the clinician the ability to measure pocket depths as well as detect calculus, saving time. The probe handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

For more information, call (800) 552-5512.

Dentrix offers new wireless footswitch

Dentrix Dental Systems offers a new level of freedom in the operatory with its cordless footswitch. Patterned after the current footswitch, the new wireless model provides the same time-saving capabilities, instant intraoral camera and digital X-ray image capture, and enhanced durability without a cord.

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Working on a unique MHz frequency that is easily programmable, each footswitch pedal has a separate frequency code receiver allowing multiple wireless footswitches to run at the same time. An internal battery offers hours of use without the need for an electrical cord.

Dentrix wireless footswitch is a component of the Digital Dental Office (DDO) total technology system, working seamlessly with ImageCAM intraoral camera and ImageRay digital sensor. Integration is built-in — no bridging software or software "links" are necessary. Dentrix's DDO components share the same database and development team, providing the tools you need to make your job easier.

For more information, visit

DentalEZ Group announces new light

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DentalEZ Group expands its line of next-generation products with the introduction of the Lumina™ light. Commanding a sleek, state-of-the-art presence, Lumina features an infrared hands-free on/off control that allows the dental team to turn the light on/off without the risk of contamination. The ergonomic and efficient design of the Lumina allows the dental professional to reposition the light without making any adjustments — boasting a full focus 20 to 40 inches from the shield. A longer flex arm with a shadow-free illumination area lights the oral cavity with a minimum of shadows, and the lightbeam integrity provides a consistent pattern even when obstructed by the dental team.

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO (383-4636) and press "3" for DentalEZ customer service.

USB connectivity for Strato 2000 pano

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Dent-X introduces the new Strato 2000, a sophisticated panoramic X-ray machine that is connected to a computer via USB or Serial port. This new technology allows the user to enhance the X-ray with linear tomography, sinus, TMJ, advanced dental applications, and systems upgrade software packages. The user simply links a computer through USB or Serial ports to the Strato 2000 and installs the new software into the computer, automatically updating the X-ray and doctor's practice. The installation takes a few minutes, and can easily be done by a doctor, hygienist, or staff member.

Call Dent-X at (800) 225-1702 or visit

LS-ARC light source with curing filter

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Q Optics introduces a new feature to its highly popular LS-ARC fiberoptic headlight. The light source can now have a filter installed that delays composite material from hardening too quickly. This light source is one of the smallest power units in the industry, and has an output that is similar to daylight color at 5500K. The light is compatible with most major brands of magnifying loupes found in the dental industry.

For further information on this unit, visit or call (800) 858-2121.

LM-series color TFT LCD monitors

Dent Corp™ Research & Development brings your office to the 21st century with the LM-series monitor. This industrial-type monitor serves multiple functions from TV and PC video, to connecting to the ME-15 intraoral camera.

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The monitors range from 12" ($599) to 15" ($819) in display size, and are integrated for video input via three composites — NTSC (U.S.), PAL (Euro), SECAM (So. America), and one "S" Video connector. Other features include built-in, 1-watt speakers, four USB connectors, and resolution is 102 pixel pitch of 0.3 x 0.3 mm.

Post-mounting arm of 2" and 17/8" also available ($269).

To order or for more information, call your dental dealer or Dent Corp at (800) 454-9244.

Hilux LED 3 is packed with features!

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The new Hilux LED 3 (L012-03) is cordless, portable, and powerful. Its superior light intensity is powered by special chip-on-board LED technology with no heat and no bulbs to replace. Power output between 800-1000 mw delivers average curing times of three to eight seconds. User-selectable fast, standard, and ramp cure modes allow intensity control. Ergonomic pistol shape can be used with either hand. It uses standard, rechargeable AA batteries with an auto shut-off after five minutes of inactivity, and delivers 90 minutes of battery life on a single charge. Additional features include a digital countdown timer with user-adjustable beep tones and interruptible cycles from 2 to 90 seconds; standard 11 mm autoclavable light guide; anti-glare shields; and charger base.

Hilux LED 3 is backed by a two-year hassle-free warranty.

For more information, call (800) 777-7072 or visit

Load-compensating electric handpiece

The Lares Research Apex™ electric handpiece system delivers consistently high torque throughout its entire speed range, providing increased efficiency and greater productivity. An electric feedback system detects load at the bur and automatically increases voltage to the motor to keep bur speed constant. The result is smooth, quiet, and efficient cutting with less vibration, which is more comfortable for both clinician and patient. The Apex system provides twice the cutting power of a typical high-speed handpiece, with more torque and minimal rotation. This allows precise control of depth, placement of margins, and shape of the preparation.

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Compact and portable, Apex easily adapts to standard 4-hole tubing. Contra angles are color-coded and can be quickly changed. Select from a wide range of speeds. The system is compatible with all international E-Type coupling motors.

For more information, call (800) 347-3289 or visit

DEXIS® goes unplugged — ShareStation™

DEXIS®, an industry leader in digital radiography, has announced the release of the DEXIS ShareStation™, the first self-contained ultra-portable, touch-screen digital X-ray system. The ShareStation is the only digital X-ray system making use of the latest Tablet PC technology in combination with the DEXIS digital X-ray sensor.

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The ShareStation can be moved readily from operatory to operatory with total freedom, bringing a new standard of portability and flexibility while significantly enhancing patient education and treatment acceptance. However, its extraordinarily small size and portability do not come at the expense of functionality. The ShareStation is a full-featured DEXIS Digital X-ray system in every way, except that it is unplugged! It runs Windows XP, and it incorporates the complete catalog of unique DEXIS features. It also comes with a docking module for seamless integration into existing networks, including WiFi wireless networks.

For more information, call (888) 883-3947 or visit

J. Morita now offers Root ZX long file holder

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A long touch file holder, designed to be used with the probe, has been added to the accessories of the Root ZX apex locator from J. Morita. A fork-like tip allows the clinician to obtain the apex reading by touching the file. The new file holder is ideal for hard-to-reach molar procedures, thereby increasing the access in the work area. It is 5 inches long and autoclave-safe.

For more information, contact your local dealer, call (888) 909-ENDO (3636), or visit

High-quality stereo microscopes

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Harris Discount Supply offers a full line of high-quality microscopes starting as low as $549. Optics are available in stereo, and stereo-zoom. You can choose from halogen, fiberoptic, and fluorescent lighting. Mounting options range from floating arm, clinical stand, vertical pillar, and cross arm. All optics come with a lifetime warranty.

For more information, call (800) 227-8524.

Shade-taking light

Authentic Products, Inc., introduces its new 9-inch Shade Wand now using the Vitek-93, 5,500-degree Kelvin bulb. This light eliminates variables in the operatory that can affect shade selection such as ambient light reflected from walls, clothing, carpet, and patient bibs. The wand generates the perfect light at the patient's mouth, allowing the clinician to match shades perfectly.

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The unit is lightweight, compact, economical, and comes with a 15-foot retractable cord. It also comes complete with a step-by-step guide on how to take the most accurate shades. The Shade Wand is priced at $109.95.

For more information, call (800) 683-1025.

"Purple Power" propels new Star Solara™

With more than 100 years of experience developing high-quality, high-performance handpieces, StarDental's latest innovation — the Solara™ series — takes handpiece design to a new level. The new series offers the highest power of any handpiece in its class, yet its cutting ability is still smooth and easily maneuverable.

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The new handpiece comes equipped with a long-lasting turbine life courtesy of its proprietary "Purple Power" turbine, which also fits other StarDental high-speed handpieces, including StarDental's 430 series. The exclusive Purple Power has a new, easy-to-depress cantilever auto-chuck system for longer chuck life, and the new LubeFree ceramic bearing turbine creates longer preload on the bearings, which significantly extends the turbine life.

The unique, elegant look of the Solara series handpieces is also a functional element. The exclusive elliptical shape allows for a more secure tactile grip than traditional round-shaped handpieces, and the small head size facilitates overall access to the oral cavity.

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO (383-4636).

Sirona unveils new C8+ treatment center

Sirona Dental Systems, the world's only full-line dental equipment manufacturer, will introduce its new C8+ treatment center to the U.S. market in October. The C8+ is German-engineered technology designed for the American dentist, offering unrivaled flexibility in an affordable and ergonomic treatment center system.

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The C8+ is designed to accommodate a complete range of working methods and individual dentist preferences, from hose style to cart delivery. One of the most compelling upgrades from Sirona's popular C8 model is the "Turn Option," which provides right-left convertibility to meet the needs of multiple dentists with one treatment center. Only a few simple steps are required to switch sides.

One available upgrade is the SIVISION patient communication system — an intraoral camera and a flat-panel monitor mounted to the treatment center. Sirona also offers an optional one-button hygiene system that constantly treats waterlines to minimize biohazards. On all C8+ configurations, every hygiene-critical component of the treatment center can be removed for sterilization and/or thermal disinfection.

New vision-related equipment options include the SIROLUX F operatory light; the SIROSONIC L ultrasonic scaler; and the SIROCAM 3 intraoral camera.

Sirona will unveil the C8+ to the dental community at the American Dental Association annual meeting in San Francisco.

For more information, visit

KaVo FLEXspace laboratory furniture

KaVo America Corporation is launching a new line of laboratory furniture called KaVo FLEXspace.

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This new and very flexible furniture offers a modern yet classy design, almost unlimited customizing possibilities, and a great price/performance ratio. FLEXspace is easily height adjustable for utmost ergonomics. It can be switched in minutes from a right- to a left-handed workstation. FLEXspace is very sturdy, but quick and easy to assemble and leaves open the possibility for future changes and expansions.

FLEXspace offers a wide range of choices — two worktop shapes, six surfaces, and 10 individual colors. FLEXspace is available in a wide range of single- or multi-place solutions. At an attractive price, FLEXspace will enlarge KaVo's target group for lab furnishings. Many lab owners dreaming of KaVo lab equipment can make their wish list a reality now!

For more information, call KaVo America at (800) 323-8029 or visit

New NSK fits KaVo and W&H/A-dec couplers

NSK America announces its new Ti-Max solid titanium, (lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant) cellular glass optic high-speed air turbine handpieces to fit KaVo® and W&H/A-dec® couplers. Available in three head sizes, (miniature, standard, and torque) that range from 320,000 to 400,000 rpm. They are designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue caused by prolonged and complex clinical procedures.

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Features include NSK's patented Clean Head System (preventing oral fluids from entering the turbine head), Ultra Push chuck (increasing bur retention when high load is applied), ceramic bearings, nonretraction valve, triple water spray, and simple chairside turbine cartridge replacement.

For more information, call (888) 675-1675 or visit

Dentsply Caulk introduces new SmartLite IQ

Dentsply Caulk introduces the SmartLite™ IQ™, a new cordless LED curing light. The IQ Light offers a 10-second cure capability, with a depth of cure comparable to high-output halogen devices and an automated heat-management control system, ensuring long life. The advanced LED technology, coupled with a self-diagnostic programming electrical system, produce high power at a precisely selected wavelength. This results in efficient and effective curing, time after time. Its lithium ion power cell produces up to 600 full-power 10-second cycles with one complete 30-minute charge, and features a sleep mode for efficient power management.

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The SmartLight IQ incorporates an operatory-focused ergonomic design offering functional angles, ambidextrous mode-selection touchpads, a built-in radiometer, and a featherweight balance for maneuverability and access to any restoration. The SmartLite IQ allows for confident asepsis with its fan-free, vent-free, and sealed construction, keeping internal components contaminant-free.

For more information, call (800) LD-CAULK (532-2855) or visit

New! ViperSoft wireless footswitch

Integra Medical Systems' new wireless footswitch technology offers an increased level of freedom in the operatory. Patterned after the current Viper footswitch, the new wireless footswitch provides the same time-saving capabilities, instant image capture with intra-oral cameras and digital X-ray sensors, and lasting durability.

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The new programmable wireless footswitch is easy to move out of sight after capturing an image, eliminating clutter in the operatory. It works on a unique MHz frequency that is easily programmable. Each footswitch pedal has a separate frequency code receiver, allowing multiple wireless footswitches to run at the same time. An internal battery offers hours of use without the need for an electrical cord.

The Viper wireless footswitch is a component of the ViperSoft technology system, integrating with the award-winning ViperCam intraoral camera and ViperRay digital X-ray sensor. It is sold through local independent resellers.

For more information, call (877) VIPER GO (867-3746) or visit

Endos DC X-ray with user-selectable mA

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Dent-X introduces the Endos DC, a 65 kV intraoral X-ray with an adjustable 4 or 5 mA. This single-stud mount X-ray omits very low doses of radiation while still producing optimal diagnostic results. Along with anatomical controls to set exposure times based on patient size and tooth declination, a doctor can also choose between 4 or 5 mA settings. Typically, 5 mA is used for film and 4 mA is used for a digital sensor. The doctor also can manually set exposure times as well as program the mA button.

For more information, call (800) 225-1702 or visit

Compact Multi-Op™ docking module

A unique alternative to standard countertop docking stations is being offered by Progeny Dental's Cygnus Technologies Division. The ultra-compact Multi-Op™ docking module is part of the award-winning Cygnus Micro™ intraoral camera systems.

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Counter space is at a premium in operatories. The Multi-Op requires minimum space — it is so small it can fit into a space only 5 inches wide. And, at under $450, it is a more economical option for installing cameras in every operatory. The module provides inputs for all video and capture requirements and is a standard part of the Micro and Micro Plus intraoral camera systems.

For more information, call (800) 626-2664 or visit www.cygnus-tech

Eliminate non-parallel problems

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Easily visualize non-parallel situations during clinical treatment using the Erkoscop Parallax Mirror. Erkoscop's unique curved shape provides a parallax view of the entire arch. Using the Erkoscop, you will now be able to see at a glance if your preparations are parallel and, if necessary, make adjustments. This ensures that the bridge framework will draw passively off the preparations, which helps prevent distortion of the bridge wax-up. A passive fit of the bridge framework also guarantees you'll get resistance-free seating and precision fit. The Erkoscop is priced at $79.

Call Glidewell Direct at (888) 303-3975 for more information.