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Equipment Product News

March 1, 2003

A/T ScanX™ digital imaging system

The A/T ScanX™ simplifies the entire imaging process. All that is required for digital imaging is the A/T ScanX, a computer, and certified practice-management software. Use existing X-ray equipment — just replace film with a Phosphor Storage Plate (PSP). There is no need for an expensive electronic modification of extraoral X-ray units.

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It features one-step scanning for simple operation, and a fast, patent-pending, continuous, rapid-feed system. Wait no more — just 17 seconds to view the first image and four seconds for subsequent images. Produce a full-mouth series in less than two minutes.

There are no thick, wired sensors, resulting in greater patient comfort. Its innovative technology produces diagnostic-quality images with exceptional resolution.

Benefit from simple, more productive patient treatment with the A/T ScanX. For more information, call (800) Air-Tech or visit www.

Midmark introduces new casework

Midmark Corporation announces a new series of casework — the Midmark Freestanding (FS) Center Console. It was unveiled at the 2002 ADA Annual Session.

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The FS Center Console is set up in six zones, enabling customization of storage configurations to match operatory requirements. Modular design can be easily reconfigured as needed.

The steel-frame construction is finished with a durable electrostatic powder-coat, baked-on paint. Seamless, vinyl-covered panels withstand harsh disinfectants.

Two console heights are available — 72" and 90", with a 5" top extension option for the 90" unit. Cable routing access and convenient outlets allow easy equipment integration into storage zones. All work surfaces are available in 30 standard laminates as well as optional custom laminates and Corian® solid surface.

For more information, call (800) MIDMARK or visit

FDA clearance for digital dental laser

Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. (MDT) has received FDA clearance for the first-ever digital dental laser in the U.S. marketplace — the PerioLase MVP-7, and also has received the first-ever FDA regulatory clearance for the specific wording and procedure known as "laser curettage" (removal of diseased or inflamed soft tissue in the periodontal pocket), and Laser Periodontal Therapy™ (LPT). These new clinical claims validate the successful use of the PerioLase and LPT for the treatment of moderate to severe periodontal disease without using scalpels and sutures.

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The unit weighs 42 pounds and can sit on its own rolling cart with storage drawer, or sit on a table. It features a real-time energy/Joule counter, a printer for recording patient treatment settings and total energy used, a built-in power meter for measuring true energy delivered to tissue, and a tiltable touch-screen that includes a menu of laser procedure settings for instant clinical use.

No PerioLase MVP-7 is sold without extensive training. The PerioLase Periodontal Package sells for $44,995, and includes five days of clinical training spread out over 12 months, including three initial days of Laser Bootcamp®.

For more information, call (562) 860-2908.

Instrument washer disinfects as it cleans

The Miele G 7781 dental washer/disinfector is designed for efficient cleaning and thermal disinfection of instruments. The unit improves upon traditional methods by using a high-temperature cycle rather than a chemical bath, and its powerful cleaning abilities make it the only step prior to sterilization.

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A dental staff member may simply load the machine, select a cycle, and let the machine do the rest — eliminating the need for pre-soaking, hand scrubbing, rinsing and drying — making the instruments ready for sterilization quickly and safely. Its quiet performance is unobtrusive, and it easily fits under a counter to streamline and modernize the cleaning process.

For more information, call Patterson Dental or Miele Professional at (800) 421-4685 Ext. 428.

New Piezon® Master 600

The new Piezon® Master 600 is a multifunctional piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler that is self-contained and totally portable. The handpiece tip design is of exceptional design and quality. Two 350-ml irrigant reservoirs allow irrigation with an irrigant of choice for extended procedures. An option for external water hook-up also is available. Irrigant flow-rate is adjusted directly on the handpiece for easy access during procedures.

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The Master 600's detachable ultra-thin foot control easily switches to power boost, dry work, or irrigation only. Restorative, perio, and endo preset buttons offer your choice of preset power ranges for treatment. The handpiece cord is detachable, with an option for a second handpiece cord hookup.

Air-Flow® S2 combination air polisher/ultrasonic scaler, miniPiezon®, and built-in kits also are available. For more information, call EMS at (800) 367-0367.

Chair America by Dansereau Health

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The Chair America dental chair features a solid steel frame, easy-access drop-down arms, auto-return, and adjustable programmed positioning. Its baked-on enamel finish resists disinfection solutions. The wide-at-the-base, narrow-at-the-top chair back is comfortable for the patient without compromising the needs of the dentist. All dental chairs are available with a foot control for hands-free operation. The aseptic cushions, available in 66 colors, can easily be replaced in the field, guaranteeing the best performance for years to come. You can mount any delivery system to this chair, or choose a Dansereau system with the same outstanding warranties and reliability.

At $1,995, Chair America is an outstanding value for a premier, full-featured American-made chair. Five-year limited warranty. Call (800) 423-5657, or visit

Value Line stools by Dansereau Dental

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In an increasing effort to supply the dentist with choices, Dansereau Health Products has developed its Value Line of dental equipment. Included in this program is the Value Line stool package, which includes the America Basic dentist stool with aseptic cushions — in almost 100 color choices — EZ activation lift mechanism, adjustable seat back, and non-marring EZ roll casters. Also included is the California assistant's stool featuring adjustable body bar, a round, soft-cushion seat, EZ activation lift mechanism, and non-marring casters.

The Value Line stool package is an exceptional value at $395 per set (doctor's and assistant's stool).

For more information, call (800) 423-5657 or visit

Enclosed portable flowmeter

The Newport Flowmeter System™, by Accutron, offers a practical solution to the challenges associated with operatory space-planning and availability of conscious sedation equipment. A totally integrated mobile unit with a stabilizing low center of gravity, it glides easily between operatories and can be positioned discreetly under a counter's open cabinet space.

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The portable unit's enclosed design provides convenient, yet out-of-sight storage for both the manifold and gas tanks, and rubber goods can be stored inside when not in use. The floor supports the weight of the unit's four cylinders so that they can be "tilted out" to simplify the task of changing tanks.

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As a percentage unit, adjustments in total flow are achieved with a single control while the ratio of gases being administered remains constant. A built-in safety feature prevents O2 concentration from dropping below 30 percent, and a fail-safe discontinues nitrous oxide flow if the oxygen supply is interrupted. The N2O Lock™ is an Accutron exclusive feature.

For more information, call (800) 531-2221 or visit

innowave 270H distilled water system

Dentists can take advantage of a new alternative to having distilled water delivered to their offices. The innowave 270H, a new water purification system from innowave, a Mutual of Omaha subsidiary, eliminates the need for delivery and storage of bottled distilled water. innowave incorporated has created a system that takes ordinary tap water and treats it with distillation, ultraviolet light, and carbon filtration at the dental office.

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The innowave 270H produces up to eight gallons of fresh distilled water each day. The system contains a demand pump that can deliver distilled water to a variety of locations in the dental office. The water can be used for autoclaves, drinking water for employees and clients, and for dental chairs when used in connection with an FDA 510K-approved sanitation device.

innowave products are marketed through a network of dealers across the United States and Canada. For more information, call (800) SAFE H2O (723-3426), or visit

ACCLEAN ultrasonic scaler and inserts

The Henry Schein ACCLEAN ultrasonic scaler is available in two operating frequencies — 25K and 30K. The scaler is auto-tuned and has a broad power range to accommodate all scaling procedures.

The unit may be operated in Normal mode or Perio mode for extra low power, required for subgingival scaling.

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The unit is constructed from high-grade steel and utilizes state-of-the-art electronics. It is furnished with a male water-supply quick disconnect, footswitch, handpiece, and one general-purpose insert. The inserts (tips) also are available in 25K and 30K configurations, for use in all magnetostrictive type ultrasonic scalers. Included are two internal-flow inserts and four different external water-flow inserts which include a universal tip, and a right and left ultra thin tip for micro-ultrasonics. All inserts have a 120-day manufacturers warranty.

For more information, call (800) 372-4346 (8 a.m.-9 p.m. ET).

"Roma" task light from Waldmann

Waldmann Lighting introduces the Euro-Select "Roma" task light. The Roma is part of Waldmann's "Twin-C Task/Ambient Lighting System" which includes a combination of furniture-integrated, freestanding, pendant, or wall mounted (indirect) lighting, and adjustable arm (direct) task lighting for the desktop.

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The Roma offers new ergonomic features including sturdy, fully articulating arm(s) offered in single, twin vertical, and twin horizontal. This enables the light to properly accommodate any type of office configuration or employee requirements.

A built-in parabolic louver also is included in the head that directs light evenly over work surfaces and helps eliminate troublesome computer glare and reflections, one of the biggest causes of employee eyestrain and fatigue.

The Roma mounts easily by the choice of table clamps including one specially designed for rounded surfaces, table base, grommet, wall bracket, or panel brackets that fit more than 70 office furniture systems.

For more information, visit www.waldmann

DIFOTI® early caries detection system

DIFOTI® is a diagnostic imaging system for early caries detection that uses transilluminated light, not X-rays. It enables dentists and hygienists to discover decay on occlusal, interproximal, and smooth surfaces as well as recurrent decay around restorations that could not be seen radiographically, vis-ually, or through use of an explorer. It detects other changes in coronal tooth anatomy (e.g. fractures) and identifies restorations (amalgam, composite, sealant) in need of replacement. Images are displayed in real time, stored in a database, and can be used for patient education and discussion of minimally-invasive treatment options.

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DIFOTI enables dentists to become better diagnosticians and patient educators, empowers hygienists to discover decay on every prophylaxis visit, and provides patients with a radiation-free diagnostic alternative that can help preserve healthy tooth structure.

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The system consists of an imaging camera, illuminator box, and customized software that are installed onto a PC.

For more information, call (800) 729-8849, visit, or email at [email protected].