Volunteer team delivers care to Hondurans

July 26, 2001
One-week trip gives professionals a chance to help

A team of healthcare volunteers completed a one-week trip to Honduras to provide dental and other care to 2,000 people around the city of Santa Rita Copan. The team included five dentists and two dental assistants, headed by Phillip L. Aday, DDS. They returned from Honduras to the United States on May 27.

The trip was organized by Global Health Outreach, part of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) of Bristol, Tenn. Corporate sponsors who helped back the effort included Eastman Kodak Company�s dental business, which provided the dental team with COOK-WAITE Lidocaine local anesthetic.

"There is a tremendous need for dental care among the Honduran people," noted Dr. Aday. "We performed many procedures, ranging from fillings to extractions to applying sealants to children�s healthy teeth."

Corporate sponsorship, Dr. Aday added, is essential to the success of such trips. "Kodak and the other sponsors, including Colgate and Grams America Corporation, help us offset supply costs by providing materials and equipment we need to treat our patients."

Other support for the trip included Lawton, Okla., local dental society, which contributed funding, and church groups that organized toothbrush collection drives.

For information on supporting future Global Health Outreach initiatives, visit the CMDA website at www.cmdahome.org.