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Get noticed and get hired by the dental office of your dreams!

Jan. 19, 2015
There are a few ways job seekers can find a great job, and it starts with getting noticed. Reach out to those who work in a great dental office via social media, and your resume will move right to the top of the pile!

What does it take to get a job today? Many job seekers are asking this all important question, and finding out they do not have the answers.

In his book “’Headhunter’ Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever!” Skip Freeman describes targeted connections as one of the following: “applying to a position for which you are qualified; calling a company that is in your area of focus or interest; discussing your background with a recruiter who serves your industry niche; networking with people in the right industries at the right levels; and properly targeting email, direct mail letters, and appropriate follow-up communications.”

He goes on to suggest job seekers need to work on 50 targeted connections per day (on days they do not have face-to-face interviews) in order to successfully land a job in a short time.

What does not get you a job:
• Sending out thousands of résumés, none “targeted”
• Not following up with the résumés you send
• Not picking up the telephone to make connections with people
• Job fairs. Unless a job fair is specific to the dental industry, applicants will probably be disappointed

What does land you a job:
• Networking
• Direct mail
• Phone calls
• Thoroughly following up
• Properly applying to positions online
• Recruiters, niche-specific are best

Some of these tactics may sound totally foreign to you. Networking, phone calls, and direct mail might not be avenues you’ve pursued. Networking with people you know is completely different than networking with people you do not know. For example, you might have landed a job in the past just by being friends with someone who already worked in a dental office that needed a new employee, so the friend referred you. This is great, but it’s not realistic to think you’ll always find a job this way. Also, not everyone has tons of friends who work in dental offices, or the friends’ offices may not be hiring when you need a job.

There’s another kind of networking that focuses on people with whom you do not currently have a relationship. This networking involves using the phone and your online social media skills on LinkedIn or Dentuit.

You need to decide on the dental offices you want to target. Then actively search for those office’s employees on social media, and contact them. There’s a whole strategy for what to say and how to say it. (I can’t explain all the specifics in one short article!) Let’s just say that you will build a relationship with an employee or the dentist so you can tap into a hidden job market, or you will get your résumé noticed instead of it being placed in a pile where it may not stand out.

What is the hidden job market? There are plenty of dentists with employees they consider to be less than stellar, or maybe employees who have negative attitudes, who the dentist would love to replace. Often dentists keep the less-than-stellar employees because of time constraints. They loathe looking for a new staff member. They realize it could take hours to search for and interview potential new employees. In short, they just don’t have time to go through the hassle. If you connect with them, they just might reconsider their options.

Another scenario is with an office actively seeing new employees. You can connect with some of the current employees, or even the dentist before the interviews take place. Whose résumé do you think will end up on top of the pile? Who do you think will stand out in the dentist’s mind as a top candidate? Do you think it will be the person who has reached out and connected with some employees in the office, or a nameless, faceless person in a resume? In most cases, the person who has reached out and connected with the team members will be the one to get the first interview. The employer will be predisposed to look upon this applicant favorably since the person has already connected with others in the office.

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Lisa Newhouse is a Growth Hacker (first woman GH in the dental profession) and cofounder of Growth Hacker Central. Growth Hacker Central is the leading provider of Dentist SEO, dental web marketing and growth hacker marketing for dentists. Lisa was a dental pharmaceutical sales professional for 15 years before transitioning into a Social Media Marketing expert for GHC and Practice Doctor Management.