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AAWD Cruise and Learn to Bermuda

May 1, 2003
You've worked hard to get where you are. You deserve to pamper yourself and we know just where to do it.

You've worked hard to get where you are. You deserve to pamper yourself and we know just where to do it. Bring your kids. Bring your significant other. Bring your staff. But most of all bring yourself. For the first time AAWD is sponsoring a cruise. You're all invited and we hope you'll come.

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p--The cruise is being held in conjunction with the Briles Group, Inc. and will feature top-notch speakers on various health-care issues for health-care givers. Judith Briles is an award-winning author, coach, and celebrated speaker who will lecture on "Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Environment." Our own Helyn Leuchauer will speak on nutritional health, exploring the ancestral wisdom practiced by preindustrial societies using modern scientific validation. Other speakers will be Diann Uustal, RN, MS, EdD, on "Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others," and Tom Uustal, MBA, MEd, speaking on "Leadership in the Changing Workplace." The courses will be given while at sea and in port, so you will be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying the sights and sun in beautiful Bermuda.

Your floating holiday will start on August 31, leaving New York on the Royal Caribbean Nordic Empress. You'll be traveling on the world's number one-rated cruise line, and in one day you'll arrive in Bermuda where you'll be staying for five days at two different Bermuda ports. Then, one day back to New York, tanned, relaxed, and thoroughly pampered all the way. What a wonderful way to spend a week when you'll probably be out of the office for Labor Day anyway, so you won't even miss much time away from work.

For details and to sign up for the cruise, go to www. or to our Web site at Make your deposit as soon as possible, because we will be able to hold only a limited number of rooms. So don't miss out! It's going to be fun, educational, and a great chance to see old friends and make new ones.