Editor's Note:Heartstrings

Recently, I had some free time and took the opportunity to read Joan Anderson¿s A Walk by the Sea.

Recently, I had some free time and took the opportunity to read Joan Anderson’s A Walk by the Sea. My sister-in-law recommended it and shared how inspirational it was to her. Essentially, during a soul-searching respite, Joan befriends a wise, elderly woman, who not only encourages Joan to seek a greater meaning to her life, but these two unique women create a genuine appreciation for their synergism. As it was, some of her friend’s advice was, “Be generative. Pass on what you know. In sharing there is real delight. People in every stage depend on other people. Out of connection real growth happens. If there is no reciprocity, nothing ever works.”

And so it is with women dentists. We have the ability and opportunity to share our gifts. It is with great pleasure that we focus on “giving back” in this issue. We spotlight international, national, and local efforts; missions; and charities. Each of these stories will tug at your core, and it just might be that next year your story will be the one told. I am truly humbled by all of these women’s experiences and challenge more involvement from our readers. Read closely about how our cover dentist, Dr. Luciana Sweis, has made an incredible impact in her community. If you are not involved, maybe this is your chance to “connect” or perhaps create a vision specific to your heartstrings.

Dr. Pam Stein’s update on medical emergencies - how to be prepared and how to prevent them - is an excellent topic not only for the dentist, but for the whole team. She clearly defines the role of each team member in such an event. What fantastic information for a team meeting!

Rounding out how a woman dentist has specific needs in positioning, balance, and approach, Bethany Valachi, MS, utilizes terrific illustrations and verbiage to once again reinforce how and why we need to take care of our bodies for our profession and thereafter.

With the year-end in sight, specific tax planning, purchasing, and tax preparation (yes!) is at hand. Become money-smart and dollar-wise. Keep asking and keep learning what really will benefit you and your practice today, this year, and next!

This has been an incredible year for Woman Dentist Journal! In this season, I would like to express my gratitude to our readers, supporters, and tremendous production team members who energize this effort.

The excitement is only beginning ...

Lori Trost, DMD

Dr. Trost is the managing editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at lorit@pennwell.com.

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