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A Special Blend of Dentistry and Medicine

April 1, 2005
When patients enter Bluestein Surgical Arts, the quality of care they receive is on a level we would want for our own families.

WRITTEN BY Eve Bluestein, MD, DDS

When patients enter Bluestein Surgical Arts, the quality of care they receive is on a level we would want for our own families. Attaining a special combination of doctorates in both dentistry and medicine has provided me with a unique level of insight into the skin, muscle, bones, and mechanics of the head, neck, and jaw regions. My practice also offers expert care in the art and science of dental implants, the removal of wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery, and facial cosmetic/plastic surgery. My staff and I believe “World Class Care” is a team effort, and is derived from the integration of five vital components: 1. surgeon knowledge and skill 2. time invested in patient care 3. state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and equipment 4 supportive staff and 5 passion, commitment, and dedication.

Thus, our mission statement - “World class surgical and patient care in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment.” Our office is located just outside Boulder, Colo., and has become one of the premier surgical and educational facial cosmetic/plastic surgery and oral surgery practices in the country.

Far left: Dr. Eve Bluestein with her husband, Philip M. Bluestein, Esq.
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Born in Memphis, Tenn., and growing up in the Chicago, Ill., area, I played competitive junior tennis. After receiving a scholarship to attend Vanderbilt University, I double-majored in philosophy and economics and also completed the premedical/dental requirements. During this time, I played Division I tennis in the Southeastern Conference. Next I attended the University of Tennessee, Memphis, and earned a DDS degree. And finally, I attended the University of Cincinnati and earned a medical degree. I went on to complete an internship in surgery as well as an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program. While in the latter portion of my training, I met and married Philip M. Bluestein, Esq. Philip was a founding partner of a Cincinnati law firm, and practiced civil litigation in downtown Cincinnati.

Left: Dr. Bluestein and her dental team.
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We were an incredibly busy couple, but knew we wanted a family. Our first son was born 17 months after we married, and one year before I completed my training. During the pregnancy, I suffered from hyperemesis - unrelenting nausea and vomiting. This experience compelled us to re-evaluate our plan for me to open my own practice. Essentially, we would need to complete our family prior to opening a solo practice. The tough decision was made, I became pregnant with our second child.

I completed my training during my pregnancy, and we moved from Cincinnati to Boulder, Colo. My husband accepted a job with a Boulder law firm that specialized in family law. Meanwhile, we located a 3,000-square-foot surgical facility in Louisville (just outside Boulder) and began working on incorporation, a lease, and build-out of the facility.

Soon it became clear that we wanted a parent to be the primary caretaker of our sons. Since there wasn’t an option for me to work part-time, my husband left the family law firm. He began his own law practice in Boulder, took on the role of primary caretaker for the family, and performed all of the legal/business management for my new surgical practice. This was all in a very short time frame - our second son was born 17 months after our first, we moved to the Boulder area, and Bluestein Surgical Arts opened its doors four months later (after the birth of our second son) on April 1, 2001.

While functioning as Bluestein Surgical Arts’ corporate council and chief financial officer, we recognized that Philip was developing a very unique area of legal expertise that was unrivaled in the Colorado community. He became knowledgeable in health-care law, while having the advantage of understanding legal and business issues from the dental and medical practitioner’s viewpoint. As such, Philip spent the next four years building a law practice that services medical and dental professionals in all aspects of their professions. We also found that this type of law allowed for more flexibility than full-time litigation. Ultimately, this has helped us meet unexpected family needs such as illness, the children’s school events, etc.

As my practice grew, I continued pursuing more medical and dental education. I am now a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and a fellow of the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology. Recently, I also became the president-elect of the Boulder County Medical Society. I am a clinical assistant professor at the University of Colorado and active in local and international community service projects. Specifically, I have undertaken the role of medical director for the Tranquility Project (, a not-for-profit international organization directed at ridding the world of landmines, rehabilitating landmine victims, and preventing future landmine atrocities. Locally, I am very active in the Jewish community, the public schools, as well as Little League baseball and other community organizations.

The question I am always asked is, “How do you do it?” After giving this extensive thought, I have come to understand certain circumstances and simply respond, “I don’t.” You must understand that I have - and have always had - an amazing support team. My mother, grandmother, stepfather, and husband have been major sources of support. Additionally, my aunt, cousin, in-laws, and a couple of close friends and mentors have always been there for me. Where I am today is the result of a team effort, not an individual person.

The old adage “behind every great man is a great woman” really goes both ways. I strongly believe this is a critical message to give to other women. As women, we frequently feel the obligation to accomplish everything on our own. This is unrealistic. Close inspection reveals that any successful person has benefited from the assistance of others. For your well-being, it is critical to identify the people in your life who can be supportive adjuncts to what you are attempting to accomplish. Welcome these people, allow them to help you, and give them the credit they deserve!

At this opportunity, I would like to sincerely thank my mother and father, June and Richard Cohen; my late grandmother, Doris Buchalter; my husband, Philip M. Bluestein; and sons, Solomon and Isaac. Other special thanks go to Linda and Sierra Overlie, my aunt and cousin respectively; my good friend, Denise Saiki; and my most trusted mentors, Mark Birnbach, DMD, and Jack L. Gluckman, MD. I am also grateful for the numerous other people who have supported me in my endeavors.

Eve Bluestein, MD, DDS
Dr. Bluestein maintains an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Louisville, Colo. Detailed information about her practice, as well as before-and-after cosmetic surgery photographs, can be found at You may contact Dr. Bluestein at [email protected].