Pankey Institute seminar travels to four cities

Aug. 9, 2007
Essentials for Practice Excellence will go to Dallas, San Francisco, Vancouver and Chicago in 2008.

KEY BISCAYNE, Florida--The Pankey Institute faculty will take a 1.5-day seminar to four cities in 2008.

Those cities are Dallas on Feb. 8-9, San Francisco on June 13-14, Vancouver on September 12-13 and Chicago on Oct. 24-25.

Titled "Essentials for Practice Excellence," this seminar is ideal for dentists seeking ways to take their practice to the next level, dentists who want an introduction to what is taught at The Pankey Institute and dentists who have previously attended a course at the Institute.

In this 1.5-day course, Drs. Steve Ratcliff, Lee Ann Brady and Gary DeWood will cover:

* Combining form and function for predictable aesthetic results
* Improving case acceptance with one simple skill
* Optimizing occlusion for restorative success
* Centric relation: when and why?
* TMD and its relationship to you cases
* Financial tools for you AND your team
* Helping your patients learn
* Developing a philosophy of dental practice that works
* Helping your team help you do your best

Specialists and technicians who work with dentists who have taken courses at The Pankey Institute will gain a new understanding of what makes them the dentists, "I want to work with and have for my own dentist."

Although the course is directed primarily at doctors, highly functioning teams will find many of the concepts discussed at this seminar useful in assisting patients toward an understanding of their condition and in asking for the best the doctor has to offer. We welcome doctors and their teams to attend together.

Doctors may apply their seminar tuition to the 3.5-day Essentials Level 1 course taught at the Institute if course registration is within one year of seminar attendance. Essentials Level 1 includes an in-depth look at:

* Occlusal disease: how to identify its causes and effects, when it is important and when it isn't
* Records you must have to fully evaluate a case
* Centric relation: where to find it, how to record it and why it is important.
* Involving your patient in the process: the co-discovery exam
* Equilibration: when it is important and when it isn't
* Lab and clinical techniques you can take home and put to use immediately
* Behavioral foundations that will elevate your practice to peak level
* Financial tools for financial freedom

The tuition fee of $545 per doctor and $250 per staff member includes morning and afternoon sessions, lunch and evening reception on Friday, followed by a morning session on Saturday.

Earn 12 AGD lecture and participation credits. For hotel information and to register, call (305) 428-5500.