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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: What happens when your dental team lives the Vision?

Feb. 16, 2016
Your dental team needs direction, guidance, and goals. It's called a Vision. Does your dental practice have the Vision? Here are three examples of practices with and without guidance and direction.

Here are three case studies to demonstrate the Vision in your dental practice, or the lack thereof. I’ve worked with all three types of practices. Which one is your practice like?

Case study number 1

The dental practice has no Vision. There is chaos in the schedule and constant conflict between team members. Everyone is fed up with the dentist. Many of them think, “If he (or she) doesn’t care, why should I?” “I know it’s wrong, but I don’t give it my best effort because he doesn’t acknowledge me when I do something well or something totally wrong.”

Case study number 2

The practice did have a Vision, planning, training, follow-up, and a smooth running machine with dedicated and self-directed team members. But that was 12 years ago. Regression occurred, which is a natural phenomenon. The Vision Statement got left in a file for too long, the scheduling digressed into chaos, and communication between team and dentist dried up, which led to dissatisfaction for all. The team made a call for help. The Vision Statement was pulled from the file, dusted off, and updated. The staff held an in-office training session called “Fine Tuning the Systems Performance Booster” to refresh and redefine themselves. Communication opened up between team and dentist. The following year was a great one, with the Vision firmly lived out and all goals surpassed. Everyone was enjoying working together again for a common purpose. But then the consultant received an email signed by all the team members that said, “We need help. In the past month “this” is what our numbers are saying, “this“ is what we’re observing in the schedule, and our dentist has stopped communicating with us. Would you help us by approaching the dentist?” That my friends, is a self-directed team, a real prize! They’re a team with passion, living the Vision, and understanding the systems and numbers!

Case study number 3

The dentist has been living and modeling the Vision for years. He has a team who understands and buys into that Vision. They say, “We work together to make a difference in the lives of the patients we’re blessed to serve by ensuring that every patient receives the best care possible as we build long-term and meaningful relationships with them, their families, and their friends. This is all while continuing to earn their trust and eliminate or minimize any anxiety or fear. We believe every patient deserves to know that they’re heard and that their opinion matters, so we give our patients the opportunity to become personally involved in their appointments, and we put them in charge of their own dental health. We’re beyond proud to work with this dentist and our patients, and to be a part of an incredibly dynamic and caring team!” This is a total office culture and environment that is living the Vision!

In which environment do you want to spend the coming year? Remember—Vision is the key.

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