Thursday Troubleshooter

Thursday Troubleshooter: Submit your taboo questions about your dental office now!

Jan. 17, 2013
Dental management experts will answer the questions you can't discuss in the office.

What do you do about the office troublemaker? How do you handle the belligerent patient? How do you respond when a coworker is just downright rude?

There are lots of tough situations in any dental office when people deal closely all day long with many other people, whether they’re coworkers or patients. Who do you turn to for solutions to your daily stress and the strength to carry on?

Look no further. Introducing “Thursday Troubleshooter,” a new Q&A on DentistryIQ. This is where you can submit those hard-to-address, stress-inducing issues. Your questions will be answered by dental industry movers and shakers with ties to leading dental journals, companies, and meetings. We will present more than one answer to every question to give a different perspective to each issue.

Submit your questions to [email protected]. No names will be signed to the questions on the website. Watch for “Thursday Troubleshooter” to begin appearing each Thursday beginning Feb. 7. Please make sure your questions are no more than 150 words.

Thanks to Linda Miles, advisor, consultant, trainer, mentor, founder of Speaking Consulting Network (SCN), and spokesperson for Dental Consultant Connection (DCC), for overseeing this effort. She’s dealt with every issue imaginable during her 50 years in the dental industry.

Responses will come from various consultants, including Linda Miles, as well as consultants in DCC (founded by Robin Morrison), and SCN (CEO, Lois Banta, executive director, Lois Reynolds), who are happy to direct their members to this exciting new DentistryIQ service. Those members will take turns fielding your questions, because they are very familiar with addressing the tough issues.

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