Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Do you know the formula for hope?

Nov. 5, 2013
Hope can get the dental team motivated

By Wayne D. Pernell, PhD/Senior Consultant

Team members become disenchanted with certain aspects of their job. Dentists do too.

When you hit a wall and its juuussssst toooooo harrrrrdddd (and you hear that whining voice in your head), it’s time to inject some hope — for yourself, your team, and those around you.

Think about the times you felt stuck and things were hard. Then remember the times that in a flash, you developed confidence and new ways of working your way out of the funk. Do you remember how you did it? If so, you could be the one to lead your team to new heights.

Analyze the process and you’ll find a few key components. First, you want to be very, very clear about what you want. I call this your envisioned positive outcome. What are you truly burning to get to? Defining your end-point is essential.

Second, you need to have a way there. It’s better to have two or three ways to get to the outcome you set. Then, select your best option.

Third, before you begin, you have to take personal “agency.” Agency is your abilities and, more important, your belief in your abilities.

To lead a team away from hitting a wall, aim for an outcome. Make it worthy and challenging. Make it within the scope of everyone’s abilities, and remind all of the players how capable they are. Set a strategy for attaining the goal, and be clear about the goal and how you’re going to achieve it.

That’s the formula for hope. It’s a learned response, not innate. Opportunities await us and we need to figure out a way to retrieve the rewards. Do this as a group effort to bring the team together, and you’ve instilled hope and served to inspire.

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