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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Dental practice systems check

Sept. 24, 2013
Dentists must take a good look at themselves in order to run a successful practice

By Dr. Wayne D. Pernell, consultant/trainer

Clients, dentists, and their team members sometimes run the practice systems on automatic pilot. That is not a grievous thing when we’re talking about scheduling, financial arrangements, or collections. In fact, it is pretty fantastic to have those systems in such terrific shape that they almost run themselves.

The thing is, you have to get you and your practice in such excellent shape that the systems can run automatically. So the systems check in this article is not about your practice’s internal systems — it’s about you.

The question to reflect upon is — Do you show up to work without showing up? Your practice demands a lot, and you know that you certainly give a lot. You start the day on the go, and you end the day tired. At what point did you become tired? Think about your last full day in the office and ponder for a second — What would your practice be like if you showed up for every patient and acknowledged every team member with just 5% more energy? Would that make a difference to your patients, team members, bottom line, and family?

Your ability to relate to others relates directly to your ability to be fully present and engaged with them. That means your patients, team, family, and friends need to get your best from you – every time.

So do this systems check before work and each hour throughout the day:
• Breathing
• Posture
• Smile
• Preparation
• Influence

Your leadership, production, and bottom line all relate directly to how you show up. Are you stuck in your head, managing the clinical? Are you stuck in the numbers? Are you afraid of the numbers? What about your team? Are you supporting and guiding each of the team members that make your practice memorable for your patients?

To really make a difference, you need to show up. Now ask yourself — What one thing can you do right now that will make a positive difference for the next 10 people you encounter? Have you got it? Now do it!


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