HealthFirst launches OnTraQ BIOlogical spore testing

April 2, 2013
System allows dental practices to establish a spore testing process, and provides reminders when an autoclave must be tested.

SEATTLE, Washington—HealthFirst, a provider of compliance solutions for the dental practice, has announced the launch of OnTraQ BIOlogical Monitoring.

The system leverages technology to allow dental practices to establish a spore testing process, and provides reminders when an autoclave must be tested.

The HealthFirst OnTraQ BIOlogical Monitoring System is designed to help protect practices from unintentional non-compliance. Automated email and text reminder notifications are sent to staff to help keep practices on top of their scheduled testing regime.

Autoclave test results are then stored within each practice’s OnTraQ Compliance Manager account for around-the-clock secure access from any computer. The OnTraQ Compliance Manager allows practices to establish and monitor the processes relating to biological spore testing, creating a self-auditing, and evidence-based testing routine.

Test results are archived within the OnTraQ Compliance Manager for the easy production of spore testing results for practice owners, inspectors, and patients.

“OnTraQ Biological Monitoring is a powerful new system which helps arm practices with best-in-class spore testing and a failsafe quality reminder system to ensure that practices never forget to test again,” said Ken Rosenblood, president and chief executive officer of HealthFirst.

“This solution is a significant game changer in how consistently and accurately practices can establish processes, manage, and track their spore testing results. This is paramount not only to protecting patients, but to the practices' ability to manage risk. In light of the horrific situation involving Tulsa oral surgeon Dr. Scott Harrington, where thousands of his patients were allegedly potentially exposed to cross infection in his dental office, practices need a system that works. Presuming that someone from your staff is taking care of testing is just not enough.”

Dental professionals should understand the guidelines and regulations relating to infection control practices in dentistry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires dentists to test their autoclaves minimally on a weekly basis. Any load containing implantable devices should be monitored and confirmed negative prior to seating.

The OnTraQ Compliance Manager allows practices to create and manage important compliance processes. OnTraQ employs electronic reminders and tasking to effectively assign and monitor the important tasks each staff member is responsible for within the practice. Knowing that the task has been completed provides the practice owner and/or administrator peace of mind that the process has been completed, carried out correctly, and archived for its records.

HealthFirst’s OnTraQ BIOlogical Monitoring is available in mail-in monitoring, and 10-hour, in-office monitoring. Both options provide access to the free OnTraQ Compliance Manager.

For more information, visit or call (800) 331-1984.

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