Rembrandt Oral Care products helps filmmakers honor Vietnam Veterans

May 21, 2002
Documentary will air on PBS on Memorial Day 2002.

A New documentary film, "Homecoming: A Vietnam Vet's Journey" will air on PBS on Memorial Day 2002.

"Homecoming" follows Vietnam veterans as they make their annual "Run for the Wall" motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

The documented ride took place during "Run for the Wall" 2000, and the film has been two years in the making. In progressing with the project, documentary filmmakers Rob Ibsen and Eric Christiansen approached Rembrandt and were pleased to find the successful oral care products manufacturer enthusiastic about participating. Rembrandt, a major underwriter of the film, helped with the financing to complete the film and find initial distribution with PBS.

Starting out with approximately 300 participants, the 2000 "Run" attracted new riders in various cities, with almost 500 riders at its peak. The participants ride in "Missing Man" formation, which means that, directly after the first row of two side-by-side riders, a rider rides alone with no one beside him. The open spot represents the "Missing Man."

"We see the Run as a 'spiritual pilgrimage of healing' that is becoming a modern-day ritual. Its goal is really timely," Ibsen said. "These men, who appear to be rough-and-tumble bikers, relive and attempt to put some kind of closure on their war experience. Their journey reflects the collective importance of any universal healing process."

"Some of our employees and family members of employees served in Vietnam," added Noreen Freitas, vice president of Rembrandt Oral Care Products. "We want to support a creative effort that carries such a powerful message about healing."

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