Announcing Inspired Hygiene's "Quick Start Guide to More Hygiene Profits"

Dec. 11, 2009
Have hygiene profits flat-lined? Jump-start 2010 with a set of CDs from Inspired Hygiene.

As you can see 2009 has been an incredibly 'productive' year here at Inspired Hygiene! And while nothing can come close to the joy of welcoming our new baby, I'm looking forward to incredible personal and professional growth in 2010. I'm guessing a super profitable 2010 is what you want for your practice too.

And I'm wondering if you've noticed:

• Your hygiene profits have flat-lined?

• You need a system to start 2010 with strong profits in your hygiene department?

• Feeling like you're doing all you can to motivate your hygiene team but they're frustrated and just can't reach that next production goal?

So, in honor of the birth of our baby, I am releasing for the very first time a series of our exclusive members-only special topic calls from the archives of our High Performance Hygiene Mastermind Program. I hand-picked these topic calls to help you jump start hygiene profits quickly.

While I'd love to write long article telling you every reason you should consider buying this product, I just had a baby and, frankly, I'd rather give you the nitty-gritty details so I can get back to baby Andrew and you can get back to your patients. So here you go: