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New nitrous oxide delivery system puts safety first

May 31, 2011
Oral surgeon revolutionizes nitrous oxide delivery.
Fishers, IN — Oral surgeon John E. Moenning has revolutionized nitrous oxide delivery with the new Safe Sedate® dental nasal mask system. Created for optimum patient and staff protection, the Safe Sedate significantly reduces the exposure of nitrous oxide in dental offices.The Safe Sedate is a single-patient use, disposable nitrous oxide delivery system. It reduces leakage by providing more direct delivery of anesthetic through cannula that are placed directly in the patient's nasal passage. A vacuum line evacuates any residual gas that is not inhaled. Occupational exposure to nitrous oxide is decreased, and potential health issues associated with chronic nitrous oxide are significantly reduced for the dental team.The possibility of cross-contamination from reusable hoses is eliminated with the Safe Sedate system. Traditional delivery and scavenging system hoses require sterilization between each use. The Safe Sedate is a single-patient use system, removing the danger of contamination.Patient access and visibility are improved when using the system. Safe Sedate masks cover a smaller area of the face than traditional systems, and the hoses are less obstructive. The system is designed to fit up and over the patient’s head and is available in two sizes.Med-Dent Safety and Supply Co., one of the leading equipment vendors for dental products, is the exclusive distributor for the Safe Sedate. For additional information, please visit

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