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Kelkom expanded product line offers cutting edge ideas to dentists

July 29, 2014
Kelkom addressed customer requests by updating it communication systems to offer state-of-the-art products
Meg Kaiser, Associate Editor

QEMQ, Inc. announces several updates and improvements to its Kelkom(TM) dental and medical office communicationproducts. In response to the needs of its clients, the company retired the industry-defining ClassicKelkom Panel, as well as the ClassicKelkom Basic Controller, in order to introduce Digital Kelkom. Additionally, the company announced new patient flow management products.

(Pictured left: A standard WLP21 panel) “Our new Digital Kelkom Panel and Controller expands our product line capabilities, managing our customers’ patient flowbusiness requirements while at the same time preserving their network infrastructure investments,” explained L.A. Frost, president of QEMQ, which recently acquired Kelkom. “Our new Kelkom Panel design is a sleek and artful replacement in offices, and it maintains the market-proven communication paradigms invented by Kelkom over 25 years ago,” he said.

The new panel technology uses white LEDs behind each of 21 membrane switch buttons and maintains the fully customizable look and feel of the original ClassicKelkom panel. The color scheme of the ClassicKelkom panel – white buttons with black characters – had to be reversed due to the LED brightness. The reverse scheme blends better esthetically into today’s office interior designs, and makes viewing the lit buttons easier. The system control software creates feature sets that customize communication into any workflow/patient flow office strategy.

In addition, the company announced the new Kelkom panel patient flow management products. Designed around the new digital MPC-LP controller, the system extends the real-time workflow communication paradigms Kelkom engineered when it defined the industry. Optional feature sets customize the system capabilities to match the practice owner’s operating and financial return requirements.

(Pictured right: A ClassicKELKOM panel) Dr. Jonah Raskin, DDS, and dental practice management consultant, described the new Kelkom products well when he said, “The Kelkom Panel defined the industry standard for quick and meaningful, real-time communication to run the back office; the new Kelkom products smartly advance patient flow management technology available to practices.”

Kelkom designs its products to scale across all practice sizes – three to four operatory practices to 20+ operatory clinics can benefit from the improved efficiencies. Plus, the system can grow as a practice expands.

Dr. Marcus Watson of South Beach Dental explains that Kelkom communications systems have been a perfect fit for his dental practice. “Esthetics are important to our practice environment,” he said. “Despite our dynamic environment, we need a certain level of calmness. We realized we needed an automated approach to facilitate communication in our back office for efficient and managed workflow. After an extensive review of products and technology approaches, we chose Kelkom.”

Dr. Watson went on to explain that Kelkom worked perfectly in the South Beach practice. “Kelkom balances price with value, balanced quick communication with meaningful messages, and balances visibility of messages with unobtrusive terminal design. We are happy to report that Kelkom helped us meet our ROI and financial return our first year.”

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