Comfee's Sensor Sleeves easy on everyone

July 24, 2012
They're easy on patients, staff, and sensors

Deer Park, NY — Flow Dental’s Comfee’s™ Deluxe Barrier Sleeves are easy on patients, your staff, and your equipment!

Comfee’s Deluxe Sensor Sleeves are made from a super-soft textured vinyl material. The unique texture reduces surface resistance so sensors slide in effortlessly. The rounded corners and clean seams make Comfee’s comfortable for patients. After exposure, the sleeve's tear-away seams allow dental professionals to remove the sensor without tugging on expensive sensor cables, which saves wear and tear on equipment.

Comfee’s are available in large and medium sizes, and fit all sensors in the marketplace. Also, Comfee’s are less expensive than what most dental offices are using now.

For more information or to order, contact your local dealer, visit, or call 800-356-9729.

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