Hu-Friedy receives Design for the Environment approval for Enzymax Earth

Dec. 6, 2010
Detergent for dental instrument cleaning deemed best in its class by EPA program.

CHICAGO – Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments, announced today that Enzymax Earth, the company’s line of environmentally friendly detergents for the cleaning of dental instruments, has been evaluated and approved by the Design for the Environment Program.

Created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Design for the Environment Program promotes innovative and improved products formulations with more positive environmental and health profiles than conventional products. A DfE review team screened each ingredient in Hu-Friedy’s Enzymax Earth detergents, recognizing it as safest in its class for the consumer and the environment.

Enzymax Earth is Hu-Friedy’s biodegradable, phosphate-free line of cleaning and care detergents. Powered by a dual enzyme design, Enzymax Earth helps dental practitioners achieve a superior level of instrument cleaning.

Containing environmentally friendly enzyme stabilizers, Enzymax Earth offers more rapid bio-degradability, lower inherent toxicity, and fewer toxic byproducts. In addition, it is safer for the end-user with no harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can pollute indoor air. Steelgard agents and corrosion inhibitors extend instrument life by reducing chances for discoloration and corrosion.

Enzymax Earth products now carry the Design for the Environment logo to help dental professionals to quickly identify and choose products that are good for the environment and safe for patients.

“This is a tremendous honor,” said Ron Saslow, president and CEO of Hu-Friedy. “Our company has always been committed to energy efficiency and resource conservation. Knowing that the review team examined Enzymax Earth’s chemical components and carefully studied such aspects as its oral toxicity, chronic health effects, and biodegradability is a gratifying recognition of our commitment to bringing products to market that help dental professionals in an environmentally responsible manner.”

For more information about Enzymax Earth, or to place an order, please call 1-800-HU-FRIEDY.

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