Visionary Management training programs

July 15, 2010
Programs can help improve profits, productivity, and patient care for dental practices.

MORRISVILLE, Pennsylvania--Dental practices can help make more money and improve employee performance with two new training programs offered by Visionary Management.

"Our programs are for self-motivated doctors who are serious about practice growth and committed to professional excellence and personal development," said Peter Gopal, president of Visionary Management.

"Real-world practice problems are complex and are usually not solved by purchasing a book. Neither can they be solved with free advice and opinions offered by various online dental communities. These types of products and services can sometimes be helpful, but rarely do they help increase production in a significant or sustainable way."

The two programs are delivered in the dentist's office so no travel is necessary and day-to-day care is not disrupted.

"Your front desk staff can dramatically impact office production," Peter Gopal said. "The following training programs will help you elevate their skills and increase your office production. The programs are customized and personalized for your office."

Training is designed to help your front desk staff learn concepts and develop skills to solve specific problems at your dental practice. Written materials and scripts are provided.

To ensure that your staff has grasped the material, VMI includes follow-up support for 60 days (at no additional charge). During this period, VMI will work one-on-one with staff members by telephone and e-mail to help them with implementation.

Each in-office seminar concludes with the development of a customized action plan for office and team.

The first program is Schedule Optimizer. This program will help increase production due to a better schedule. Staff can learn:

* The three primary reasons why patients don't keep their appointments
* How to control the appointment book
* Verbal skills to reduce appointment cancels and no-shows
* What systems to put in place to fill the gaps in your schedule
* How to schedule to achieve desired production goals

The second program is Get Off the Collections Treadmill. This program can speed up collections and improve cash flow while preserving relationships with patients. Staff can learn how to:

* Achieve 98.5% collections
* Dramatically reduce the amount and age of accounts receivables
* Avoid common coding errors
* Present financial options and collect payment due at the time of service
* Deal with non-payment by insurance
* Streamline the process for billing and claims submission

These in-office training programs for front desk staff are offered in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland.

"We guarantee the quality of our work and provide ongoing support and guidance for implementation," Peter Gopal said.

Training and consulting are provided only by the firm's founders, Peter Gopal, PhD, and Hema Gopal, DMD, so you do not work with any junior personnel.

For a free practice-management assessment, go to

"A free consult allows you to explore possibilities without any obligation or monetary risk on your part," said Peter Gopal. "There is no sales pitch, just a simple, straightforward conversation regarding the issues you are facing."

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