PracticeSource introduces "The Doctor as CEO"

Nov. 15, 2005
The boxed set contains all the information, worksheets, forms, plans, and templates necessary to help the dental clinician become a more effective manager.

PracticeSource Publications, LLC, developer of practical, results-oriented dental practice management training materials, has introduced "The Doctor as CEO," a comprehensive resource for the busy doctor/manager.

The boxed set contains all the information, worksheets, forms, plans, and templates necessary to help the clinician become a more effective manager. "The Doctor as CEO" provides clear, easy-to-implement solutions to a variety of practice-related issues, all of which can dramatically impact the bottom

"The Doctor as CEO" consists of a handsome shelf-size portfolio box with
tabs and three perfect-bound books. Take Control of Your Overhead (In 7
Easy Steps) contains proven, tested advice on establishing achievable
production goals and controlling practice overhead.

The book has 45 pages of information as well as 8 worksheets that cover goal-setting, expense projections, and production management. How to Assemble a Winning Team is a step-by-step guide through the hiring process.

It has 50 pages of information and 10 worksheets, including an applicant evaluation form, sample interview questions, and dental staff job
descriptions. The Solution Forms Kit contains a library of templates, letters, and fill-in-the-blank forms to quickly and effectively address a host of practice needs.

PracticeSource Publications was formed by Debbie Castagna and Virginia
Moore, co-founders of Insight Solution, an internationally known speaking, consulting, and training resource company.

PracticeSource Publications was created, the partners say, to meet the growing demand for practical, easy-to-read, proven training materials that doctors and managers can use for a broad range of practice management needs, from controlling their finances to hiring and training staff.

"The Doctor as CEO" boxed set is available for $485. To order online or for more information on training resources from PracticeSource Publications LLC, visit Insight Solution's website at