Opinion leaders rate cutting performance high

Aug. 7, 2008
KOMET USA's Q-Finishers earn accolades.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--A recent study of opinion leaders with Dental Team Concepts' Catapult Coterie showed that almost 80% of those testing KOMET USA's Q-Finishers rated the instrument's overall sharpness and cutting performance as high.

Dental Team Concepts, run by Drs. Lou Graham and Mark Latta, also stated in its product evaluation summary that more than 80% of the group would adopt KOMET's Q-Finishers and diamond polishers into their practice.

According to the product evaluation, 96.9% of the testers used Q-Finishers and its polishing kit on anterior composites, 90.6% on posterior composites and 15.6% on indirect composites. Some of the evaluators even said additional burs can be avoided with proper contouring before curing composites.

"We thank Catapult and Dental Team Concepts for testing one of the burs we at KOMET USA are very proud of," said Warren White, COO of sales and marketing at KOMET USA. "Q-Finishers continue to receive accolades within the dental industry. This is a testament to our Research and Development Department for putting out new and innovative rotary instruments."

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