Dental maximum rollover benefit to small business groups introduced

Aug. 22, 2006
Feature allows Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and First Commonwealth PPO members to roll over a portion of their unused annual maximum into a personal Maximum Rollover Account.

NEW YORK--The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a leading provider of employee and voluntary benefits to small and mid-sized companies, has announced the introduction of its Dental Maximum Rollover feature to businesses with less than 10 employees.

The Maximum Rollover feature allows Guardian and First Commonwealth PPO members to roll over a portion of their unused annual maximum into a personal Maximum Rollover Account, in case the need for more extensive dental care arises in the future. Traditionally, many plans offered by other carriers employ a "use it or lose it" model for their dental products.

The Dental Maximum Rollover feature is available to brokers who serve companies with less than 16 employees through Guardian's Small Group Sales program. 

SGS now serves 48 geographic markets, up from nine in the beginning of 2005. Brokers continue to work with local Guardian Group Representatives for groups with 16 or more lives.

"Guardian is big on small business," said Clancy Merrill, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Guardian. "The Maximum Rollover expansion underscores our commitment to provide small business owners innovative options to allow employers to continue to meet their employees' benefits needs. Now companies with as few as two employees to companies with more than 1000 employees can enjoy this popular benefit."

Added Merrill, "Often insurers have a narrow definition for small business and do not include the micro-sized companies. But Guardian is committed to our small group sales initiative designed to give brokers dedicated access to benefits experts who understand the unique challenges of small businesses with less than 16 employees." 

Since introducing its Maximum Rollover program in 2004 Guardian has placed more than $50 million in rollover dollars in client accounts, which represents money that participants have collectively saved due to the program.

"Maximum Rollover is a popular feature with our brokers and our members value the ability to accumulate funds for future dental care," said John Foley, Vice President, Guardian, Group Dental Insurance. "We are pleased to provide small group employees the opportunity to save it and use it, as opposed to use it or lose it."

For more information please contact your local Guardian Group Representative or log on to to find a representative near you.