Former dentist awarded Master Certified Coach designation

Dec. 13, 2004
Now a personal and business coach, Dr. Ronald Arndt is first dentist to achieve the prestigious certification.

Dr. Ronald F. Arndt, owner of Solutions 4 Business, a Personal and Business Coaching Practice has received the premier designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

MCC is the most advanced credential for a Professional Coach. While Arndt is among only 1% of coaches worldwide to receive the MCC title, he holds the distinguished honor of being the only dentist to achieve this coveted designation.

Dr. Arndt established his coaching practice using the Ritz Carlton approach�over-serving his clients and in unexpected ways.

An energetic and successful client, Dr. Michael Gallagher had this to say: "Probably the most valuable asset Coach Ron brings is his vast experience. I have yet to pose a question or situation that Ron hasn't seen before. Prior to Coach Ron I could reach a solution for a problem, but now I get a better solution and information on where to go from here. I feel it is a better solution not only for me but also for my staff. The whole staff is now working together to reach a common goal, which has led to greater productivity."

After discovering the No. 1 challenge facing his clients was staffing; how to find them, hire them, and then retain them, Dr. Arndt formed a company of experts in the areas of HR management, team development, accounting and marketing. Together they developed a series of tools, manuals, and resources to support his clients in reaching their practice, business, and personal goals.

Dr. Arndt has also been awarded the distinguished designation of Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG) from Coach University, the most prominent International Coach Training organization for Personal and Business Coaches in the world. Because he has a passion to help his clients think, act, and behave like an ethical CEO, Arndt has earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and holds a Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management from Baldwin-Wallace College.

Dr. John Powers, a client of Arndt said, "Thanks to Coach Ron I now have a plan for the next 15 years and a vision to go with it. I also now have a practice that is growing by 37 percent per year for the last two years and an income that has quadrupled in that same timeframe. More importantly, I now have more time to spend with my family."

Dr. Arndt has authored many local, national, and electronic publications, writes a regular column for the Ohio Dental Association and has co-authored a series of ThinBooks® along with an innovative manual, RIGHT Hiring® for the Dental Team.

Arndt describes that all of his work supports his mentoring of young dentists as well as the experienced in ways that allow them to create balance in their life, to be more profitable, and to enable them to do more of what they personally love and enjoy.

Earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Ohio State University and his Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), Arndt practiced Family Dentistry for 20 years. He then spent five years in various executive management roles with one of the nation's largest financial planning and investment management firms.

For the past six years, he has lead a successful personal coaching practice specializing in working with dentists and small business owners who would rather be in control of their business rather than the business controlling them.