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How to tell if your systems are broken

March 22, 2021
Dr. Chris Salierno recommends the Kaizen system—a method for creating a culture of continuous improvement with your team—and he's offering a crash course.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

For a long time, I was really good at poorly implementing systems. Whenever I had an idea for a new internal marketing plan or for improving collections, I felt like the idea never stuck with my team. Here are a few signs you’re in the same boat that I was.

1. Your team members try your new idea for a little while, then they just go back to the way they were doing it before.
2. Your huddles are boring and uninspiring.
3. You have only a vague idea of whether or not you’re hitting your target KPIs.

A few years ago, I discovered the “kaizen” business philosophy, and my systems were never the same. Kaizen is a method for creating a culture of continuous improvement with your team. While this approach was created by large industrial manufacturers, I believe there are many elements that are directly applicable to dental practices. I encourage you to go down the kaizen rabbit hole and see how you can build better systems.

Alternatively, I can give you a crash course in adapting kaizen to dentistry. Simply register here for my upcoming live webinar on Monday, March 29. I’ll explain my philosophy for creating systems with buy-in from your team and how to test them properly. We’ll run through a few examples, such as decreasing patient A/R and getting more patients to show up for their recall appointments. Throughout the presentation, I’ll show you how to use your practice management software to help make good systems stick.

If you join us for the live event, you’ll be able to ask me questions directly and we can figure out solutions for you, together. I hope to see you there!