Sesame, TruDenta

Feb. 7, 2012
System to be provided to TruDental member practices.

SEATTLE, Washington, and FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida—Sesame Communications, a leader in cloud-based patient communication systems and Dental Resource Systems, a pioneer of the TruDenta technology and education for diagnosing and treating force related dental conditions, have announced a collaboration to provide TruDenta member dental practices with the Sesame 24/7 patient connection system.

Sesame helps dentists attract and meet patients where they are most likely to be found today … online.

On average, TruDenta practices using Sesame to market their services experience 41 calls a month with 13 specifically identified as new patients.

Sesame 24-7 features centralized dashboard

TruDenta is a rapidly growing patient treatment system practiced by dentists in 34 states. It enables properly trained practitioners to diagnose and treat dental force-related conditions that often result in painful symptoms. This includes headache, migraine, TMJ issues, failed dental restorations, and other face and jaw related pain.

“TruDenta practices are extensively trained to provide a better standard of care for all patients by understanding the impact of dental forces,” commented John Harris, CEO of Dental Resource Systems.

"It is a foundational education and technology for any doctor desiring to provide state of the art care. Through a strategic relationship with Sesame, our TruDenta member practices can effectively utilize all of the Sesame services to accelerate practice growth by helping more patients.”

Research indicates that more than 70 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, many of which can be dental force related.

Dianna P. Friedman, chief executive officer of Sesame Communications, noted: “We are excited to work with TruDenta and their progressive doctors to help educate dentists and consumers on the importance of understanding and treating force related dental conditions. Their approach will ultimately be the foundation of all proper dental care. The extensive research and development by Dr. Mark Montgomery, the chief dental officer of TruDenta, and his team will help both practices and patients alike.”

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