Flosstime smart floss dispenser surpassed Kickstarter goal, will deliver to backers in August 2016

The patent-pending, habit-forming Flosstime smart floss dispenser automatically dispenses floss and acts as a visual reminder to floss.

Jan 13th, 2016
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Stanford Biodesign Team creates automated floss dispenser designed to help improve flossing compliance.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), adults should floss every day. But only 20% make flossing a daily ritual. Flosstime is a new smart floss dispenser that reminds people to floss and rewards and builds daily flossing habits.

The patent-pending, habit-forming device automatically dispenses floss and acts as a visual reminder to floss. In the center dial of the circular device, colored LED lighting provides cues for dispensing, flossing time, and reminders for when it is time to floss.

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With the push of a button, Flosstime automatically dispenses and cuts 18 inches of floss, the amount recommended by the ADA. A built-in 90-second timer features blue-glowing quadrants that move clockwise around the circular light ring to indicate how much time should be spent in each quadrant of the mouth. Upon completion, Flosstime will light up with a blue smile for a job well done. If not the device is not used every day, an orange frown or reminder light cues the user that it is time to floss again.

Flosstime mounts to bathroom mirrors and walls with durable and removable microsuction tape or an adhesive strip. It also features single- and dual-user modes and includes colorful animal snap-ons to engage kids.

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“We’re a population obsessed with beautiful smiles and generally concerned with overall good health. Why aren’t we flossing?” asked Duc Duong, cofounder and COO of Flosstime. “We set out to reinvent and modernize the entire experience by creating a product that people actually want to use—one that offers instant gratification and makes it nearly impossible to forget to floss.”

The Flosstime 45-day Kickstarter campaign, which began with the goal of $15,000, concluded on December 12 with $53,479 pledged by its 1,041 backers. Devices for those who preordered will deliver in August 2016.

For more information, visit flosstime.com.

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