App allows a Pro-form dental mouthguard to be worn

Application also provides in-depth information on Pro-form products.

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CHERRY HILL, New Jersey--Pro-form offers a nearly unlimited amount of options for custom, vacuum-formed mouthguards. Keystone Industries has created an iPhone and iPad app to help doctors and patients see what they would look like wearing a Pro-form mouthguard.

Check out the new Keystone Pro-form Mouthguard app by clicking here.

The app is easy to use, just smile, take a photo, and you get to see what you would look like with a Pro-form mouthguard. There are many choices to try on, and you get to see what they would look like.

Once you have taken a photo, you will be able to save it to an iPhone or iPad, and you can also send it by email. It’s a great way to promote the Pro-form mouthguards in a fun, usable way.

The app has additional information about the Pro-form line and the protection it can provide for athletes. The app works on the iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to download and use. The app allows you to show the diversity Pro-form brings to customers.

Keystone Industries also plans to continue to grow the app through updates and new versions to display other Keystone products.


• Uses iPhone/iPad camera for high-definition photos
• Easy-to-navigate menus
• Hundreds of Pro-form selections
• Information and links to our website and social media
• A large library to enable you to save photos
• Save photos and send them via email to whomever you want

The app is free on the iTunes store. You also can search "Keystone Industries" or mouthguards at the store.

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