Chemical-free solution helps minimize water line risk

BacTerminator Dental is a new chemical-free solution that keeps water in dental units safe from legionella, biofilm, and limestone.

Adept Water Technologies Es
BacTerminator Dental, launched in the European market eight months ago, has received positive response from dentists, hygienists, and distributors. The product has been praised as a safety solution for patients and dentists. BacTerminator Dental is scheduled for launch at the 2014 OSAP Annual Symposium in Minneapolis, Minn. Adept Water Technologies has a history of developing solutions for disinfection of water for a number of sectors. After learning of an Italian tragedy, Adept worked with dentists to develop a solution that would prevent similar tragedies in the future. The core of BacTerminator Dental is the patented technology. Water flows through an effective disinfection chamber that uses an electrolysis process in which some of the naturally present salts are converted into disinfection agents. Free chlorine as hypochloric acid is the key to achieving and sustaining disinfection that is 50 to 100 times more effective than normal chlorine. Thus, with low concentrations of free chlorine, BacTerminator Dental secures a high disinfection rate. In addition to ensuring that dentists and patients are not exposed to contagion from the water lines, BacTerminator Dental reduces abrasion. This results in fewer equipment malfunctions and longer-lasting equipment. For more information, contact To comment on this product, go to
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