Supersmile Ultimate Whitening

Ultimate Whitening System from Supersmile whitens teeth several shades while simultaneously strengthening teeth and killing the germs that cause bad breath.

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The new Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System combines a professional whitening system with professional activating rods for whitening results, along with health benefits to teeth and gums.This includes protection against cavities and re-mineralizing of the enamel. The Ultimate Whitening System whitens teeth several shades while simultaneously strengthening teeth and killing the germs that cause bad breath. It’s even intended for people with sensitive teeth. Contents of kit:• Small Professional Whitening System (1.75oz/1.2oz) • Eight individually Wrapped Activating RodsPrice:$58Retailers: Supersmile.comWhy it’s differentThe Professional Whitening System and Professional Activating Rods work in tandem to give a white smile. The Professional Activating Rods mimic the first step in Dr. Smigel’s in-office whitening procedure as they clean and prepare the surface of the tooth to allow the Professional Whitening System to work more efficiently and effectively. It maintains and enhances the vibrancy of professional bleached teeth, whitens natural teeth, and restores bonding, caps and veneers to near their original whiteness and brightness. What are Supersmile Professional Activating Rods?Supersmile Professional Activating Rods clean and prepare the tooth enamel’s surface. This creates a clean, smooth palette that prepares teeth for deeper whitening. They contain a special gel rubbed into teeth twice a week prior to brushing. This gel helps remove surface stains and promote deeper whitening.What is Supersmile Professional Whitening System?The Supersmile Professional Whitening System is comprised of two components, the Supersmile Professional Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste and Supersmile Professional Whitening Accelerator. Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste is formulated with CALPROX, a proprietary form of calcium peroxide that dissolves the protein pellicle on teeth that attracts stains to the tooth surface and holds them captive. When combined with the carbamide peroxide in Supersmile Whitening Accelerator, whitening and brightening benefits are achieved quicker than with toothpaste alone. Key Ingredients in Supersmile Professional Activating Rods• Hydrogen peroxide prepares enamel rods for maximum whitening efficiency• Sodium bicarbonate freshens breath and cleans the surface of the tooth for more efficient whitening, found in whitening system as wellRelated information, click here.Key ingredients in Supersmile Professional Whitening System• CALPROX is a proprietary, encapsulated form of encapsulated calcium peroxide that dissolves the protein pellicle to which stains, plaque and bacteria adhere, leaving teeth smooth and white• Sodium monofluorophosphate (.14% w/v fluoride Ion), helps protect against cavities• Carbamide peroxide (carbomer 934), a whitening ingredient to remove the deeper, internal staining beneath the enamel safely without sensitivity• Calcium + phosphates helps re-mineralize the enamel, keeping teeth strong• Sodium bicarbonate for fresher breathTo useUse Professional Whitening System twice daily in place of your regular oral care routine and use Professional Activating Rods twice weekly prior to brushing for an extra whitening boost. Rub the activating rods across teeth and leave on for 30 seconds. Do not rinse. On a dry toothbrush, brush with Professional Whitening System for two minutes moving the brush in quick, tiny circles. Rinse with water. For more information, go to comment on this product, go to
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