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Soft Light from High Q Dental delivers a 3,200-degree Kelvin spot that many find easier on the eyes.

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LEXINGTON, Kentucky--High Q Dental, a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of surgical lighting systems for dental and medical discipline, has introduced a new twist to the EOS 3-watt LED Headlight: the EOS Soft Light. While the original EOS delivers a bright, white 6,000-degree Kelvin temperature light, High Q says some users find this light temperature too “harsh." For those who want the intensity, portability and features of the EOS 3-watt LED Headlight without the stark white light, the Soft Light delivers a 3,200-degree Kelvin spot that many find easier on the eyes.“We’ve been producing headlights for the dental and surgical specialties since 1971," said Andy Cooper, High Q president.. "Until the LED, halogen was the available method to deliver light portably to the field. Generations of our customers became comfortable with the softer halogen light and many found its 3,200-degree Kelvin spot optimal for diagnosis. For those users, the soft light feature is preferred."Related information, click here.Weighing in at 11 grams (light, clip and filter included), the EOS series headlights are available in a variety of clips to accommodate most common loupes and eyewear, as well as two headband options. Power is provided by a lightweight, lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a full day of use and a three-hour charge time. A universal power charger completes the system.High Q offers a 30-day trial on the EOS System for U.S. orders allowing for a full, in-office evaluation.For more information, call (800) 775-3433, (480) 905-0664, send an email to sales@highqdental.com or visit www.highqdental.com.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.
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