Has a dentist in Michigan reinvented suction as we know it?

A Michigan dentist's new suction tip may reinvent the procedure.

MASS suction tip
MASS suction tip
Mass Suction Image SingleEverybody knows suction, right? Not so fast. A Michigan doctor's new suction tip may just reinvent the procedure.

Dr. David Ronto, a dentist in St. Joseph, Michigan, has spent the past few years rethinking the way we do suction. The result: A new HVE suction tip he calls M.A.S.S., which stands for Multi-Axis Spiral Suction. (Full name: "Multi-Axis Spiral Suction HVE Dental Suction Tip".)

In his own words, here's how Dr. Ronto arrived at the idea:

"Basically, I had the idea of making a better functioning HVE suction tip that wouldn't adhere to every soft tissue in the mouth, and that would make it easier for dental and hygiene staff in the field, or even students, to work alone or at least make it easier to work on patients in general. I always felt that another style of suction tube was needed.

So, I came up with an idea. I did two years of research, and finally through testing and a LOT of mathematical airflow calculations, I came up with as close to an all inclusive HVE suction tube that I'm hoping will change the way we suction and retract in dentistry.

With my product, you can retract soft tissue, have a patient spit into the tube, and really eliminate a slow speed saliva ejector if you give it a chance. It just makes things better and more ergonomic for everyone."

Interested in trying the product for yourself? Contact Dr. Ronto's company, Ghost Manufacturing, at 269-281-0489. Or visit their website at http://www.masssuction.com/.

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