Komet USA launches Footsie polishers for all-ceramic restorations

Komet USA has introduced Footsie polishers for all-ceramic restorations.

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Komet USA has introduced Footsie polishers for all-ceramic restorations. Footsie polishing wheels are specially configured in a spiral shape with a small foot at the end of each lamella, or working part.

Initially developed as a composite and enamel polishing solution, the Footsie design provides flexibility and durability, and the enhanced polishing lamellas resist breakage during a two-step polishing sequence. The diamond-interspersed polishing wheels readily adapt to all restoration surfaces and can be used from any angle to achieve a brilliant, finished quality. Their thickened ends—or feet—quickly impart a shiny yet delicate finish to the final restoration.

The polishers offer a single-shape alternative to switching among cups, points, and discs during multistep polishing procedures. Offered in blue (94019C.HP.200) for initial polishing and in white (94019F.HP.200) for high-shine final polishing, they deliver optimal esthetic effects as well as the clinically desired restoration surface quality. Thanks to their durable construction, the multiuse polishers can be sterilized and reused.

To learn more, visit kometusa.com.

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