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Lorena Lighthart appointed professional relations manager for Whip Mix

July 13, 2022

Lorena Lighthart has been named professional relations manager for Whip Mix. Lighthart has been a product manager for 44 years, 14 of which were specific to Whip Mix upon its acquisition of Denar and Hanau.  

As part of the product development team, she understands the importance of acquiring accurate feedback of both ideas and products. In her new position, she will provide that feedback to improve Whip Mix products and also to provide the company with a voice to the industry with the help of recognized experts. 

“Lorena will work with various key opinion leaders to bring content, blogs, webinars and videos to the company for its marketing efforts. She will also coordinate schedules to bring our ambassadors to various events and trade shows to speak on our behalf. We are excited to have Lorena in her new position, as Whip Mix values her hard work,” said Larry Edlin, vice president of Sales and Marketing.