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A One Size Fits All Sensor

May 12, 2017
DEXIS sensors come in one size, the right size. Find out why in this post.

Finding a sensor that pleases both the patient and the clinician used to be the stuff that fairy tales were made of. With all of the brands out there, some sensors were too big and some were too sharp, and no dental assistant should have to bear those kind of imaging issues. You don’t have to wander among the many brands, until you can’t see the forest for the trees. With the DEXIS™ Platinum sensor, clinicians can capture excellent images with a single-size sensor that fits “just right ” — whether the patient is father-sized, mother-sized, child-sized, or any size in between.

The Platinum PerfectSize™ Sensor is suited to all patients thanks to its TrueComfort™ design, with beveled corners, a smooth, round casing, and small angled dome. This design lends itself to precise placement in all size mouths, and while patients may not fall fast asleep in the dental chair, the added comfort and easy positioning of the sensor can help them accept the radiological process more easily.

Besides a more comfortable imaging experience, the most important part of any sensor’s job is to produce excellent quality images. PureImage™ Technology is a simple name for some very complex science behind this sensor. The high-resolution CMOS sensor maximizes active area at the pixel level that brings out the smallest details in the X-ray image, and the 14-bit analog to digital converter generates 16,000 shades of gray so you can see the subtlest variations in densities. If Goldilocks had access to that type of exclusive architecture, she probably wouldn’t have needed to break into the bears’ house for excitement.

On a serious note, DEXIS hardware and software on the single-size sensor work together to compensate for radiation variances to guard against over- and under-exposure. That means more clinically useable, more consistent images at a wider range of exposure settings. DEXIS is very serious about having the best images at the lowest possible radiation dose.

Luckily, real-life dentists don’t have to have the dilemma of Goldilocks, when they can experience all the advantages of Platinum. The award-winning sensor is a classic example of imaging at its best. This is the part of the story where the patient goes home and tells friends and family what a comfortable and informative imaging experience they had at their dentist’s office. And everyone lives happily ever after.

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