Aspen Dental practices introduce Denture Money-Back Guarantee

Aspen practices challenging industry norms with latest patient-centric innovation

Dentures Money Back Guarantee

The phrase “…or your money back” is not one typically heard in the health care space, and almost never during a medical or dental visit.

Dentures Money Back Guarantee

But the dentists who own and operate Aspen Dental-branded practices are challenging that conventional wisdom with a recently introduced Denture Money-Back Guarantee, a new program designed to give patients the peace of mind of knowing that if they are dissatisfied with their full or partial ComfiDents® denture for any reason, their Aspen Dental practice will refund the cost of the denture, no questions asked.

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“Getting dentures is a big step, and we want our patients to know that we are committed to their complete satisfaction, from the initial visit until they’ve adjusted to their new denture,” said Dr. Scott Dickinson, Aspen Dental practice owner from Pace, Fla. “The dentists and teams at Aspen Dental have always been focused on innovating around services and offerings that benefit patients. The Denture Money-Back Guarantee takes that patient-centric approach to the next level.”

While consumer guarantees are commonplace in the retail industry, they are seldom offered in health care settings. The Denture Money-Back Guarantee is possible in part because each Aspen Dental practice has its own on-site denture laboratory, which ensures not only that dentures are custom-crafted for each patient, but also facilitates quick turnaround for denture repairs, and relines or adjustments.

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