Ask Dr. Christensen: Can implants be used successfully with removable partial dentures?

Dr. Gordon Christensen uses his vast clinical knowledge to share helpful tips with his colleagues through his series of videos. Here he addresses removable partial dentures.

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Dentists are well aware that the technique that’s almost as unsuccessful as complete lower dentures is removable partial dentures, regardless of where they are. But you can absolutely make them more successful.

In this video, Dr. Gordon Christensen shows a Kennedy Class I and Kennedy Class IV with an addition … implants. Implants provide flexibility, depending on what kind of an abutment is used, allow patients to chew, and allow patients to bite down on difficult food, such as apples, with greater ease.

Dr. Christensen routinely advises his patients that their dentures will work better with implants, which will make the dentures more stable, and will allow the patients to chew better, offering an overall better quality of life. Watch what else Dr. Christensen has to say in this video.

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