The irresistible dental assistant gets rehearing

Case for dental assistant fired for being "irresistibly attractive" currently being reviewed.

Dr James Knight

June 27, 2013

A dental assistant who was fired for being too attractive will have her case reheard in court after it was ruled in December that her firing was legal.

Over the last decade, Iowa justices have granted only five petitions to rehear a case in court. Yet, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court has decided to rehear Melissa Nelson’s case. In December 2012, the court ruled that her firing did not violate the Iowa Civil Rights Act, and that it was legal for her employer to fire her for simply being an “irresistible attraction.”

Nelson’s issued a petition to the court to review the case. A new decision could be made by this Friday, when the court is scheduled to wrap up all cases submitted during the prior term.


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