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Introduction: Ciao to new oral hygiene connections in Italy!

April 15, 2015
IDEA President Rossella Ferraroni and Maria Perno Goldie

As I write this I am still in Camaiore, Italy, having attended the first ever Dental Hygienist Expo held at the Fiera di Verona, in Verona, Italy. There were over 2500 people in attendance, with many exhibits. The meeting was sponsored by one of the four dental hygienist associations in Italy, IDEA, but all were welcome. I was asked to attend and address the assembly.

While at the meeting I learned some interesting things. In addition to IDEA and one other Italian association (UNID) in negotiations to possibly join forces, I learned of new products and services in the Italian and surrounding markets. One such service is called We Smile. It is a store franchise owned by dental hygienists and sells only dental hygiene products, and offers oral hygiene instruction. The stores are innovations of dental hygienists, and the goal is to guide consumers in choosing the best products for the maintenance of a healthy smile. The first store was opened in Rome, with more to follow. Another interesting service is an app called, developed for iPhone and iPad, and will soon be available for all tablets and smartphones. It is an app to help with building a relationship with patients.

Left: The WeSmile logo. Right: The convention booth.

In this newsletter we also welcome a feature by a longtime colleague, Christine Charles. Christine will be featured in upcoming newsletters, educating us about essential oils. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your expertise. We will also discuss xylitol in the news, women’s wellness, and oral-systemic connections.