Squeeze A Color

Crayons transformed into colorful toothpaste for kids

June 25, 2013
Sunstar GUM introduces bright colors and favorite flavors for kids

Don't get carried away and start coloring with these Crayons. Well, you can try it, but they may not stay in the lines very well. While the "Crayons" look close to the real thing, they're actually a great new idea from Sunstar called Squeeze-A-Color toothpaste to encourage kids to brush. What kid wouldn't want to brush with their favorite Crayola Crayon colors in their favorite flavors? Sunstar Americas Inc. is banking on the answer being ... not too many kids will pass up this opportunity.

Leading children to good oral hygiene is the goal of many, many products on the market today. But this is the first colorful box of toothpaste tubes that mimic crayons. Each box of GUM Crayloa Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste joins the full line of GUM Crayola Toothbrushes and Flossers designed to make brushing a fun and healthy experience for children.

Red is melon blast, blue is blueberry burst, and green is jazzy apple. Safe for use by children ages 2 and up, the patent-pending small nozzle cap design of the tubes empowers kids to get creative by mixing and matching colors and flavors, while helping to reduce toothpaste messes and waste, and encourage the use of the right amount of toothpaste. Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste is not only fun to use, it also provides the dentist-recommended fluoride and other health benefits parents depend on, including a low-abrasive formula that gently cleans while strengthening young teeth and helping to prevent cavities.

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“Getting kids to brush their teeth is always a challenge,” said Richard Demke, DDS, Senior Director of Technology and New Product Development at Sunstar Americas, Inc. “With the unique flavors and patent-pending design of the GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste, children will be inspired to find the fun in brushing and brushing will finally be a less stressful part of every parent’s day.”

All the GUM Crayola products are designed to provide a fun and engaging brushing experience for kids. These include the GUM Crayola Marker Toothbrush, GUM Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush, GUM Crayola Pip-Squeaks Twinpack Toothbrush, GUM Crayola Power Toothbrush, and GUM Crayola Kids’ Flossers.

The GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste will be available for $3.99 to $4.99 at select national retailers, and online at www.GUMbrand.com in August. To learn more about Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste and other products, visit www.GUMbrand.com.