eZr Polishing System introduced

Polishing system enables clinicians to easily adjust and polish zirconia and lithium disilicate to reduce the possibility of chipping and microfracturing.

Garrison Ezr Es
SPRING LAKE, Michigan--The eZr Polishing System from Garrison provides a processing solution that not only produces a high gloss finish on zirconia, but has also been shown to increase its physical stability through polishing. Highly polished, stable zirconia surfaces are now attainable.

eZrā„¢ is a three-step diamond polishing system that includes grinders and polishers for adjusting and correcting chairside restorations such as inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns.

The kit includes multiple shapes (point, cup, and disc) with two coarse grinders for adjusting, three medium grit polishers for smoothing and pre-polishing, and three fine grit polishers for high gloss polishing. There are refills available for each.

The coarse grinders achieve a high material removal rate while allowing heat dissipation from the processed material. This can be of great significance as the material characteristics of zirconia require specific processing tools. The eZr grinders use cool grinding to avoid heat development and consequential micro-crack development.

The correct processing of zirconia has been a controversial issue for a long time, due to the risk of microfracturing. Finishing with the appropriate instruments is now possible and produces long-term stability of the restoration.

The polishers have a long life and, in combination with a high material removal rate, allow for an economic and fast processing system to get to glossy in seconds without polishing paste.

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