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Perio Tray rated best product

Aug. 15, 2012
Rating comes from Clinicians Report
St. Louis — Private practitioners who evaluate dental products for an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report (April, 2012) rated the Perio Tray from Perio Protect, LLC, a periodontic product that “Real-World Practitioners Use and Value Most.”

This survey of products is conducted twice a decade and the designation is reserved for the best products in dentistry, based on the long-term opinions and observations of clinical success.

The Perio Tray was cleared by the FDA in 2004 as a prescription medical device for home use, designed to place solutions prescribed by the dentist into both shallow and deep periodontal pockets. The Perio Tray is uniquely designed to seal precisely against the gums to prevent leakage of medication. This is what makes the Perio Tray unique –– its ability not only to deliver medication to periodontal pockets that harbor active gingival infection, but also to keep it there long enough to have real therapeutic effect.

In studies recently published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry,the Perio Tray delivery of medication combined with SRP was found effective against gingival infections, with more significant reductions in bleeding and pocket probing depths than SRP alone. The tray delivery simply makes SRP better. Full article reprints are available at

Independent controlled clinical trials provide important evidence for dental professionals, but for the wet-gloved dentist for whom controlled conditions are rarely available, real-world experience is highly valued too. Clinicians Report was founded in 1976 by clinicians who wanted to test dental products and disseminate independent results to colleagues.

Survey results of products like the Perio Tray represent years of successful use in dental practice by real-world practitioners. Based on long-term clinical observations, the results from Clinicians Report give dentists greater confidence to identify products that will benefit their patients and greater confidence to make the best educated product purchases.

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