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EMS air-flow Perio method

Sept. 22, 2010
Method provides supportive periodontal therapy in five seconds.
The new AIR-FLOW PERIO technology developed by EMS takes air polishing where access was previously denied: the periodontal pocket. Treatment with the EMS AIR-FLOW PERIO Method has been evaluated in peer review literature and found to be safe, effective and efficient. The method removes biofilm in five seconds per site. Also, patients perceive this conservative treatment to be more comfortable than SRP.How is subgingival air polishing possible? First, consider the powder. Developed specifically for subgingival application with the AIR-FLOW PERIO devices, the EMS AIR-FLOW powder PERIO is glycine-based, which has approximately 1/5 the abrasiveness of sodium bicarbonate, and is capable of removing biofilm in just 5 seconds. This PERIO powder, along with the specially designed, disposable PERIO-FLOW nozzle tips and reduced air pressure, allows for safe application of the air-powder-water mixture into the pocket. The resulting biokinetic energy of the air-powder-water mixture in the pocket removes biofilm up to 5 mm. The patented PERIO-FLOW nozzle has three horizontal outlets for the air and powder and one vertical outlet for water to optimize the mixture in the pocket and prevent soft tissue emphysema.The original AIR-FLOW PERIO Method is now available in two EMS devices. The AIR-FLOW Master combines sub- and supragingival AIR-FLOW technologies in one tabletop device. The AIR-FLOW handy PERIO, a portable subgingival air-polisher that conveniently attaches to a high speed handpiece cord is portable. For more information, visit or call (800) 367-0367.To read more about EMS, go to EMS.To comment on this product, go to