Chairside Connection: Benefits of Chairside Trial program

May 13, 2021
This new series from Philips offers insights for dental professionals as they build their practices and guide their patients. Rachel Wall, RDH, explains the Chairside Trial program featuring the Philips Sonicare power toothbrush.

In this first video in the new Chairside Connection monthly series from Philips, Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz and Rachel Wall, RDH, discuss the importance of making authentic connections with patients, which will lead to trust and increased case acceptance.

One way to connect is through the Chairside Trial program, a new offering from Philips that allows patients to try the Philips Sonicare power brush during their appointment before deciding to purchase. They can talk with their dental professional about the benefits of the brush while they're using it.

Which patients are good candidates for this program? How do the demonstrations work? What are some of the benefits patients will notice with the brush? How can an office start the Chairside Trial program? Where can they get more information and how do they receive a kit? 

You can either contact your Philips rep, or you can visit to get started.

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