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Ask Dr. Christensen: What do you do when an air emphysema occurs?

June 8, 2016
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his extensive clinical knowledge gathered from his years in practice with his peers in his popular videos. One of his latest addresses the topic of air emphysema.

If you’ve never created an air emphysema in a dental patient, Dr. Christensen says, “You still have one more thrill coming.” It’s "terrifying" to close the patient's eye or bloat someone's cheek out, and Dr. Christensen admits he’s had both happen during his career.

He briefly explains what an air emphysema is and how one can occur. He says dentists need to take action by pushing the air out, and he explains how to follow up. It is a very painful occurrence for the patient.

He believes the best way to avoid an air emphysema situation is to use a surgical handpiece, because the air comes out of the rear of the handpiece. Dr. Christensen concludes by telling his peers to be very careful with air emphysema because it can be extremely dangerous.

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