Dental implant identification mobile app

Nov. 22, 2013

The world’s first dental implant identification mobile app is now available for download. Based off of the popular dental website, this app will revolutionize the dental implant community and can be downloaded to Apple, Android, and Google devices all over the world.

For over three years, users have enjoyed the free resources provided online at to help them indentify mystery implants. Now, from personal devices, the dental community can have access to a vast library of dental implants with search and filtering options that up until this point were only available on the website.

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As the creators of the dental website, Dr. Kent Howell DMD, MS and Dr. Nathanial Farley DDS, MS had a vision of an easily-accessible online resource to help battle the ongoing problem of implant identification worldwide.

The newly released mobile application of their website has revolutionized the way in which dentists can help treat their patients. “It's a game changer in the world of dental implant identification,” says Dr. Farley, whose passion has always been in website design. Since the site was created in February 2010, over 13,000 of the visits have come from mobile devices all over the world. “Identification of unknown implants is a worldwide problem that is growing exponentially. We feel we are making a difference by providing a solution in today's mobile world,” states co-creator Dr. Howell.

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Their goal is to continue providing information to dental professionals around the world that will help them to be better clinicians. To find out more, please visit