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Jan. 1, 2006

Veraviewepocs panoramic X-ray unit from J. Morita

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Veraviewepocs is a high-speed, panoramic X-ray available as a film or digital system with a cephalometric option. It offers a panoramic scan time of just eight seconds, resulting in reduced patient radiation exposure. Both the film and digital systems produce brilliant, contrast-rich images for accurate diagnosis. Additionally, the digital model features a high-resolution CCD sensor with a CsI scintillator. CsI is more efficient than standard scintillators; light scatter is reduced, resulting in a sharper image. With several automatic functions, Veraviewepocs is easy to operate; it is self-calibrating and no adjustments are necessary once it is connected to power. With a full range of panoramic and cephalometric imaging capabilities, it is the ultimate diagnostic tool. Other features include auto focus, auto exposure (film), superior cassette system, uniform magnification (image layer center), plus easy and accurate patient positioning.

For more information, call 866-JMORITA (566-7482), contact your dealer, or visit

Sirona’s CEREC® celebrates 20 years

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CEREC®, the world’s only chairside CAD/CAM restorative machine, is celebrating 20 years of patient treatments. This milestone in dentistry will be commemorated with three days of CE courses, keynote speeches, parties, and more in Las Vegas from October 13-15, 2006. Join the fun at Bally’s resort and casino on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

For more information on the Anniversary Experience or how CEREC would benefit your practice, visit

Interactive 3-D technology transforms dentist-patient communications

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The days of scribbled diagrams on scratch paper to explain the latest techniques in dental implants or root canals may be gone! Enter a new 3-D technology to show patients graphic simulations of diagnoses and treatment plans. Reality Engineering introduces MedVisor®dental™, an interactive patient-education and communication tool that translates technical details and procedures into easy-to-understand animations. Via wireless tablets or existing chairside computers, data that is unique to individuals is incorporated through MedVisordental’s custom import/export capabilities.

MedVisordental is now available. For more information, call (888) 338-4767 or visit

Sirona by Kappler - premier dental cabinetry

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Sirona Dental Systems introduces the Sirona by Kappler premier dental cabinetry. The new cabinets combine Sirona Dental System’s advanced dental technologies with Kappler Furniture’s top-quality craftsmanship and cabinet design innovation to create a line unlike any other available.

With patent-pending, standard features such as positionable work surfaces for the dentist and the assistant, pivoting drawers with built-in electrical chases for ancillary equipment and an upper CPU storage cabinet, the Sirona by Kappler dental cabinets are designed to optimize the work space within the operatory. Its ergonomic design allows all necessary instruments and equipment to be positioned in close proximity to the oral cavity. The cabinets can accommodate any instrument delivery style, including Sirona’s new C8+ Rear and Side Delivery Units.

For more details, call (800) 659-5977 or visit

The i2: The next-generation Isolite

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The new i2 is a strong, lightweight, titanium unit weighing only 2.5 ounces. The new, streamlined design integrates electrical supply with vacuum, eliminating the need for a separate fiberoptic bundle. The i2 is less cumbersome to use and stores easily on your assistant’s toolbar. The i2 introduces new proprietary technology that uses vacuum to cool the LED light. With this design, Isolite has eliminated fiberoptics and light boxes from the operatory. The LED light is ultra-bright, long-lasting, and allows fingertip adjustment of light intensity. Dual fingertip controls independently adjust maxillary and mandibular sections for vacuum strength - helpful for patients with tooth sensitivity, or to compensate for low vacuum in the operatory. The i2 comes with a disposable, single-use, flexible Isolite mouthpiece that is available in four sizes. Experience the difference operating with bright light in a dry field with tongue and saliva control.

For more details or to order, call (800) 560-6066 or visit

KaVo DIAGNOdent pen

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Confidently detect hidden decay with KaVo’s new handheld caries detection aid, DIAGNOdent pen. This cordless, lightweight, highly accurate diagnostic device uses laser technology to extend the clinician’s vision into sub-surface sites where caries can develop, multiply, and thrive. Just like the DIAGNOdent, the DIAGNOdent pen is highly effective at detecting incipient pit and fissure caries that would otherwise test negative using X-rays, explorer, or other diagnostic means. It aids in differentiating healthy from diseased tooth structure without resorting to guesswork. The DIAGNOdent pen allows the dentist or hygienist to quantify and monitor caries over time. Extremely reliable and noninvasive, the DIAGNOdent pen caries detection aid will allow you to provide a greater degree of preventive care to patients.

For more information, call (888) ASK-KAVO (275-5286) or visit

IntraFlow™ Intraosseous Anesthesia Delivery System

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The IntraFlow Intraosseous Anesthesia Delivery System is the latest technology in pain management for the dental professional, and represents a major breakthrough in providing fear management for the anxious dental patient. The IntraFlow System delivers intraosseous anesthesia in an easy, one-step procedure that minimizes the facial numbness and patient discomfort - during and after the dental procedure - which is normally associated with delivering profound local anesthesia. The IntraFlow System delivers effective, immediate anesthesia without the use of a traditional hypodermic needle, providing immediate pain relief and profound pulpal anesthesia in about one minute.

For more information, call Pro-Dex at (800) 546-6204 or visit

AdDent introduces the Microlux DL fiberoptic illuminator

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The Microlux DL fiberoptic illuminator is designed to enhance dental examinations of the oral mucosa. Used in conjunction with a traditional visual and tactile examination, the battery-powered Microlux DL helps clinicians locate abnormal lesions on soft tissues for a minimum cost of about $6 per exam after initial purchase. The Microlux DL is painless, noninvasive, inexpensive, and easy to use. Most Microlux DL exams can be completed within three minutes - and provides information that could have far-reaching benefits for your patients.

For clinicians who currently own a Microlux Transilluminator, the new DL light guide will fit your current model. Light guides for both the Transilluminator and the DL models as well as the DL Solution can be purchased separately.

For more information, call your dental dealer, visit, or call (203) 778-0200.

VersaWave™ multi-purpose laser

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Dentistry’s best-engineered, most reliable laser now has higher repetition rates, higher power output, and better delivery than any other dental laser system. HOYA ConBio introduces the multi-purpose VersaWave hard and soft tissue laser - with an optimum range of three to 50 pulses per second, and laser output boosted to 9 watts. VersaWave also features dentistry’s longest, lightest, and most flexible fiber delivery system, 400 millijoules of energy per pulse, and TruTest™, the industry’s only calibration port for output assurance. Compare the VersaWave with other laser systems, and you’ll see why dentists who do their homework choose HOYA ConBio. Learn more at

Implant drill stop

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A common problem related to the surgical placement of dental implants is the difficulty clearly seeing the depth markings on the drills. A detachable stop which controls penetration of the drill into the bone greatly increases safety and minimizes risk. The stop allows the surgeon to focus on the axial dimension and not be required to keep their eyes on the markings. The stop prevents creating an osteotomy deeper than a predetermined depth. The drill stop is fabricated of surgical stainless steel, is autoclavable, and can be used indefinitely.

The stop is designed to be used with the Straumann drills. Two diameters of stops are available. The smaller stop can be used with 2.2/2.8/and 3.5 mm drills. A larger diameter is needed for the 4.2 mm drill. The stops are offered in 8/10/12/14 mm depth control. Stops are available for both short and long drills. The stops also may be incorporated into a surgical stent and serve as a drill sleeve with depth control.

For more information, visit

Ergo Elite™ telescoping system

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The Ergo Elite Telescoping System is one of the newest additions to ASI’s line of Advanced Endodontic Systems™, with full instrument integration from only one foot control. Featuring customizable colors and work tops, the new geometric design allows better viewing of the control panel by both doctor and assistant, and provides better storage of handpiece tubings. System components have been redesigned for improved reliability. The telescoping base features electronic lift with memory settings for delivery system height adjustment.

Eliminate multiple instrument consoles, power cords, and pedals by integrating new or existing instruments such as obturation units, ultrasonic systems, electric handpieces, apex finders, and more into the delivery system with handpiece connections, syringes, and suction instruments.

For complete information, call ASI at (800) 566-9953.

Easy Dental announces new digital X-ray sensor

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Easy Dental Systems releases Easy Ray®, a new, all-digital X-ray sensor that provides instant, diagnostic-quality images without using expensive films or exposing patients to excessive radiation. Using its patented “Active Column” CMOS sensor technology, Easy Ray’s high-quality images support the rapid detection of caries. Easy Ray is compact and energy-efficient, and integrates seamlessly with all Easy Dental software products.

Easy Ray is compact and portable, and requires less power than most CCD-based sensors. It eliminates the need for bulky docking stations and power cords, as the system is powered directly through the USB connector cable. Easy Ray virtually eliminates the wait for film to develop - images taken with Easy Ray appear on screen in seconds. The Easy Ray is available in #1 and #2 sensors.

For more details, call (800) 768-6464, or visit

Brewer Design launches ErgoFlex series

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Brewer Design introduces the ErgoFlex series of professional dental stools. ErgoFlex was designed using clinical research in working dental operatories. The result is the most advanced ergonomic seating available, increasing comfort and productivity, while preventing musculoskeletal disorders. The ErgoFlex features a unique waterfall front to relieve pressure from the back of the legs, and allows the clinician to get closer to the patient. It also features a sleek, compact design, which makes it perfect for any size operatory. The contoured backrest cradles your back while allowing clearance of the operator’s shoulder blades. In addition, the contoured backrest has a cutout shape that allows the operator to reach easily from side to side. The ErgoFlex is available in a low height of 14 inches to 31 inches, making it ideal for dental professionals of smaller stature.

Brewer Design ergonomic dental seating is sold through distributors. For more information, call (800) 558-8934 or visit

Find the apex accurately and predictably

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Based on Digital Signal Processing, the APEX N.R.G. converts traditional analog signals to digital and transfers them through 80 percent shorter cables - preventing distortions from weak and sensitive signals and allowing for a more clear and accurate display of information. Clinically proven to be as accurate as larger, more expensive apex locators, the APEX N.R.G. provides extreme accuracy and superior reliability - even in wet, dry, and bleeding canals. Compact and lightweight, the APEX N.R.G. can be clipped directly in the field of vision during root canal treatment so progression of the file is easy to follow. In addition, operator movement and fatigue are greatly reduced.

For more information or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444 or visit

EnVisionDC intraoral X-ray from Flow X-ray

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The EnVisionDC intraoral X-ray is designed and engineered to work with all media technologies - including film, phosphor plates, and digital X-ray - while providing the ultimate in X-ray quality and reliability. Its high-frequency DC technology reduces patient exposure time by 50 percent. The ergonomically advanced control panel makes exposing X-rays easy as 1-2-3. Advanced diagnostics reduce downtime and improve safety. There also are many installation options available, making the system a perfect choice for almost every dental practice. EnVisionDC is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is backed by a two-year, limited warranty.

For more information, call (800) 356-9729 or visit

The Silver Recovery X-ray Fixer Machine

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The Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer Machine replaces expensive, ongoing hazardous waste removal, which increases regularly and incurs a cost to you forever. This system can save small and large practices up to 75 percent annually. Fixer cannot be poured down the drain directly under any circumstances. Before this system, fixer had to be removed by a licensed hauler. This system uses no disposable filters, which need regular replacement. The Silver Recovery Machine saves money, eliminates liability, and improves the environment - offering an unequivocal number of advantages over hazardous waste carriers.

For more details, call Medical Innovations, Inc. at (866) 223-5858, PIN 3010, or call (508) 358-8099.

NOMAD™ hand-held dental X-ray unit by Aribex, Inc.

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Aribex, Inc. announces its NOMAD portable X-ray to the U.S. dental market. The product received FDA 510(k) clearance in July 2005 and product shipments began in September. NOMAD is a unique, hand-held intraoral X-ray system that is cordless, battery-powered, true DC, lightweight, and simple to use. An external backscatter shield and innovative internal radiation shielding ensure operator safety that exceeds regulatory requirements. NOMAD’s true portability doesn’t compromise the diagnostic quality of the X-ray images, but provides additional diagnostic information when and where it is needed with great speed and convenience. NOMAD provides economic incentive to use, because it can replace the need for multiple conventional wall-mounted X-ray heads in a clinical setting. It is perfect for dental field work and humanitarian missions. Anytime, anyplace X-ray is needed, NOMAD is there.

For more information, call (714) 901-5850 or visit

New motorized dental surgical microscope by Seiler

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Seiler’s new dental surgical model has features you would expect from more expensive surgical microscopes, such as motorized fine focus, magnifications from 5X to 13X, and foot-pedal operation. Studies show that a foot pedal helps reduce cross-contamination, because your gloved hands do not leave the sterile field to manually focus the microscope. It also features a quick-change, dual-lamp system, switchable line current from 110v to 220v, and a bright, 100w fiberoptic illuminator. It also will accept documentation accessories such as a beam splitter and video camera for patient education or digital patient files.

Call or e-mail to schedule a Seiler microscope demo in your office - a free service in the lower 48 states. Call Tottleben Scientific Company at (618) 656-9008 or e-mail [email protected].

Hu-Friedy announces new stainless steel mini-syringes

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The exclusive Hu-Friedy line features two meticulously handcrafted syringes. The refined size and open thumb ring offers improved comfort and ergonomics for superior performance. In addition, the nonfixed hub allows for easy replacement as needed. The stainless steel construction allows for any method of cleaning and sterilizing. The new stainless steel mini-syringes and hub replacements are available in the following part codes: SYRAM - Mini-Aspirating Syringe “A” Type; SYRCWM - Mini-Aspirating Syringe “W” Type; and HUBACW - Hub Replacement “A” and “W.”

The new syringes and hub replacements are available through any authorized Hu-Friedy dealer.

For more information, call your Hu-Friedy dealer representative, or call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).