OraCare-ing for your cancer patients

March 9, 2021
Do you want to let your patients who are undergoing cancer treatment know that you're thinking of them? OraCare has the perfect solution.

Dentists care about their patients who are undergoing cancer treatment and reach out to them as they can with support and guidance. The oral health of those being treated with chemotherapy or radiation often suffers, and dental professionals are there to help as they can.

OraCare is a jack-of-all-trades product for which a new use was recently discovered. Dr. Bob Martino called attention to the fact that OraCare's properties lend themselves perfectly to supporting the oral health of cancer patients. He reached out to OraCare with the news, and the Cares Program was created.

OraCare strives to see the product in the hands of all people who need it. Quinn Miller of OraCare discusses what dentists can do to enter their patients into the program, which will entitle the patients to free OraCare products throughout their cancer treatment. There is no limit to how many patients a practice can submit for assistance.

Watch as Miller tells Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz the many benefits of this new program. It will be promoted more during April, which is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

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